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Looking for Storage Companies in Dubai? With summer temperatures in excess of 45 degrees centigrade it is perhaps not surprising that there is a high demand for Storage Services, for keeping personal effects and valuables housed in a facility equipped with air conditioning

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The Moving and Storage Companies we work with have among the best storage facilities in the UAE, which are purpose designed for storing furniture and personal effects.

Storage in Dubai is very common. Many clients storing their valuables have yet to determine their next destination. In some cases, furniture and other household valuables remain stored in a warehouse facility for a lengthy period of time. As such, long-term storage options are surprisingly affordable and supremely secure. If a client remains in the UAE, all items are checked off the packing list and delivered locally.

All shipments stored medium to long-term are wrapped and packaged in accordance with international transit standards before being loaded into large wooden crates. These valuables remain sealed in their respective crates until further instructions from the client have been verified.

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Self Storage Facilities

These crates are given individual numerical codes and positioned in their own designated areas of the warehouse. This information is recorded for inventory and asset tracking.

The systematic recording allows identification and retrieval of individual items items upon request from clients. However, most companies require at least 48-hour notice for all item retrievals, and also handling retrieval fees will be applicable.

A record is kept for each item that is stored in the facility, including time and date of entry and exit, as well as a loading chart to ensure all items are accounted for.

In any scenario, we work hard to find the reputable international moving and relocating companies capable of managing the entire process, providing you with one point of contact and keeping you up to date and informed every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is totally FREE, you will be contacted by moving companies for your free quotes.

Depends on the requirement, if your move is relatively small and straight forward, a quote could be emailed to you almost immediately after the mover has called you. On the other hand, if your move is a little more complex, an appointment is required and after the pre-move survey is completed, quotes usually take 24-48 hours due to the need to get refreshed updated rates from the shipping line and moving agent at destination.

All seven of the emirates. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, RAK, Umm al Qwain, Fujairah and Sharjah.

In most cases absolutely, the moving company can schedule in a delivery of some boxes, tapes, bubble wrap in advanced. Make sure to do it well in advanced as it is subject to the schedule of the mover when they drop of the materials.

It is easy and in some cases more cost effective to store your goods in the UAE rather than at destination. Most moving companies provide storage solutions. Different options such as air conditioned storage, covered storage, crated storage, car storage. Storage charges are usually calculated based on per cubic meter per month.

Generally in the UAE, movers use cubic meters as the standard of measurement. You can do this by taking a tape measure and measuring out width x depth x height in meters. E.g. 1.2M x 0.5M x 0.8M = 0.48 Cubic Meters.

Talk to your mover and schedule in an appointment date. You should fill out the acceptance form, stating you have accepted the quote. Make sure if mention full delivery address and emergency contact details of a friend/relative. Passport copies and UAE visa copies are required for exporting from Dubai.

This is particularly pertinent if you have stored your goods for some time and have subsequently left the UAE having cancelled your visas etc.

Regulations change from time to time, best to check with your mover. Generally speaking once a UAE visa is cancelled, you can still export your goods out of the UAE even after an extended period of time in storage.

Insurance is definitely recommended, most insurance coverage covers for breakages and damages of the insured value of the item. Under valuing your items is not recommended as if the item does break, you will only be covered for amount you have insured it for. However if the items are low risk of breakage, we would still recommend taking a total loss insurance package which is at a lower rate, however covers you in case of an entire loss of shipment.

Most transit insurance policy will cover the goods for a limited amount of time in storage but discuss with your mover whether an additional premium is required should the goods be stored long term or for an extended period.

It is best to check with your mover on this. Shipping rates can change from month to month. Validity is usually specified within the quotation, but is normally 1 month.

If the scope of your move does not change, then the door to door price is unlikely to change drastically.


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All companies contacted me quickly and the movers I eventually selected did a good job and were reasonably priced.
Mr. B. Andersen
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Great packing experience from the company we selected. Very professional, polite and accommodating. Many thanks
Mrs. E. Smith
Dubai, UAE to Sydney, Australia

Your moving guides and articles were most helpful and the service we eventually received were very good at both ends
Mr. R. Murphy
Dubai, UAE to Christchurch, N.Z.

Very trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much for helping make this the easiest move we have had in over 20 years
Mrs. J. Dolton
Dubai, UAE to Paris, France