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Moving overseas can be an exciting and exhilarating experience, but it is becoming increasingly expensive. The good news is there are some key areas for you to focus on which will ensure the affordable shipping of your goods is achievable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are fortunate enough to know about your move ahead of time, this provides the opportunity to plan and save money in a number of areas. For a start you can invest more time in obtaining and comparing quotes from various international moving companies. 5-6 is an ideal number; it allows you to review a wide range of services and prices without the process becoming overwhelming.

The busiest time for international movers is the summer. Avoid moving at anytime when children are on holiday, Christmas, Easter, half-term etc.

Also, if you can, move around the middle of the month, (beginning and end of month is generally a busy time due to leases expiring).

Most international moving companies will work on a supply and demand basis and if the demand is high – prices go up. Book early and avoid the peak season.

Volume and, to a lesser extent, weight will dictate the cost of your move.

Put simply – if you don’t need it, don’t pay to ship it.

Many people end up shipping items/contents, which are never unpacked at destination, and then of course these unused items end up being shipped again, either back home or on to the next destination! Start to purge items as early as you can, 2-3 months prior to the move if possible.

Start with larger furniture items, and then move onto contents. Organise a garage sale or start photographing items and post them onto Ebay or Dubizzle.  Keep your selected international moving company informed, and they will work with you on moving options.

If the duration of your relocation is likely to be 1-2 years, storing your main items with an international moving company may be a cost effective option to consider.

Any longer than 2 years and certainly if the move is for an indefinite period, avoid storage. Sell the items, donate, or give them away to friends.

Assuming you are moving most contents from your home, it is likely the packing and loading will take more than a day. If you have a large home, this could extend to multiple days.

It is possible to stay in your home until the final day. The moving company will be happy to leave your master bedroom relatively untouched as well as leaving you some basic essentials like a kettle and a stove, however it is likely the refrigerator and freezer will need to be unplugged the night before the final day.

Nevertheless a little forward planning and organisation can save the cost of a few nights in a hotel.

Assuming you are moving more than a few suitcases to a new continent, then shipment by sea is your only option.

Once your volume exceeds around 13-15 cubic meters / 460-530 cubic feet then it is possibly most cost effective to take your own shipping container, however, if you are willing to be flexible on the door to door transit times, discuss the option of shared containers.

There are two types of shared container services LCL and Groupage.

Read more on LCL and Groupage here

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Things to Consider

Unless you are incredibly fortunate, the longer you leave it the higher the prices will become.

Price comparison websites can allow you to find incredible deals should you have some flexibility with your flight dates.

An extra 5-10 kgs per person for a family of 4 means you can carry a lot more essential items with you in order to tide you over until the main shipment arrives at destination. Use your baggage allowance!

If your goods are being sent by sea, it is likely the transit time could be 20, 30 or even 40 days. This provides you with an ideal opportunity to take a break/vacation. You may find if you are travelling to your destination you can stop en route for example if you are moving from Europe to Australia, you can book your flights via Bangkok, KL or Singapore allowing you to take a vacation where essentially the air-tickets are free.

If you are in a position to rent a home, which is already furnished, or partially furnished, this can drastically reduce the volume of goods you need to bring with you.

It may be you can take some excess baggage or make do with a relatively small airfreight shipment, which you should receive in days rather than months.

In most cities/countries, there are likely to be just as many people leaving as there are arriving. It is amazing the bargains you can find especially bulky items like appliances and furniture. In countries where much of the population is transient such as the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong much of the furniture and household goods for sale are only a year or two old and in some cases barely used. Again this can drastically reduce the volume of goods you need to send from origin.

Make sure you have provided the international movers with customs documents, insurance forms, change of residence certificates or visa copies.

Ensure you are at destination at least one week prior to the estimated arrival of the shipment to ensure there is no hold up in the customs clearance of your goods.

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All companies contacted me quickly and the movers I eventually selected did a good job and were reasonably priced.
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Dubai, UAE to Sydney, Australia

Your moving guides and articles were most helpful and the service we eventually received were very good at both ends
Mr. R. Murphy
Dubai, UAE to Christchurch, N.Z.

Very trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much for helping make this the easiest move we have had in over 20 years
Mrs. J. Dolton
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