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Shipping and Moving Overseas can be an exciting and exhilarating experience, but it is becoming increasingly expensive.

The good news is there are some key areas for you to focus in which will ensure the affordable shipping of your goods from Dubai/Abu Dhabi is achievable.

Affordable Shipping Companies

When you are shipping on a budget, it is crucial to fully understand all of your options for international shipping. Moving abroad is a major undertaking and it’s not just about figuring out what is the cheapest way to transport goods long distances.

You will want to understand exactly which services you need at every step in the process. From getting your boxes packed up to having them delivered to the door in your new home, there are a lot of choices along the way. 

Ready to take the leap abroad? Here is everything that you need to know about affordable shipping.


What Does an International Shipping Company Do for Me?

When you start looking at international Shipping costs, you are going to see a sizable difference in what you pay to simply ship goods abroad and what you are going to pay to hire Shipping Companies. To find the best way to save time and money (and stress!) on your relocation, it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration.

As you are planning a move abroad, the key factors to consider are the size of your shipment and the amount of time that you have to organise it all.

If you are trying to figure out what is the cheapest way to ship goods long distances, you will quickly realise that the more do-it-yourself work that you do, the less expensive international shipping becomes. At the same time, if you are moving more than a few suitcases, that DIY process quickly becomes too much to handle. This is where international shipping companies can help you.

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Finding the Best International Shipping Company for You

People often ask us: what does an international Shipping company do? The process can be a bit confusing if you are organising a shipment abroad for the first time. One reason for this is that it is a highly customised service. Asking what do international shippers do is a bit like asking what does a remodelling company do? Generally speaking, they do whatever you need them to do. It is a fully customisable process.

Before the moving process begins, you will meet with them for what is called a pre-move survey. This will be your opportunity to discuss all of your needs. From there, you can start to create a more detailed plan for what they are going to do.

International Shipping Companies work in three core areas: Packing, Insurance, and Loading. The planning processes for these areas are quite straightforward if you know the options. At the same time, if you are unfamiliar with the process, it is a daunting amount of work. That is why getting professional advice on practical and affordable shipping options is priceless. 

Pre-Move Survey

Why Do I Need a Pre-Move Survey?

If you have ever moved house before, whether it was down the street or across the world, you probably already know how tricky it can be to accurately plan for your needs. Until you start taking things off of the shelves and pulling everything out of the wardrobes, it is incredibly difficult to accurately gauge how much you have. Likewise, until you are actually done with it all, it is hard to say exactly how much time it will take. For professional shipping companies, however, these kinds of assessments are easy.

A surveyor from a shipping company who organises shipments every single day of the week can easily go through your home and accurately assess how long a move will take and how much space you will need in transport. They know how to carefully look through your home and ask the important questions to coordinate the move.

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Save Money on Shipping with A Pre-Move Survey

If you’ve been looking at international Shipping costs and ways to save money shipping aboard, you might have seen shipping cost calculators. Some of these are quite simplistic and just ask about the size of your current place then give you an estimate on the international shipping cost. The issue there is that not every one-bedroom apartment or four-bedroom house is exactly the same. Using a non-customised moving cost estimator can leave you with major surprises down the line.

It is not enough to look online to see how much is a shipping container. If you want to save money shipping furniture abroad, you need to accurately predict what percentage of a shipping container you might need. What is the least expensive way to move depends entirely on your unique combination of items.

A pre-move survey is fast and easy. If you are in a three to four-bedroom house, you can expect the shipping company to spend up to an hour reviewing the contents with you. If you are moving abroad and just have a one-bedroom apartment, the process can be as quick as 15 minutes.

After looking at the total space taken by the item and taking into account any breakable, valuable, or oversized items that you have, you can move onto the next stage to know exactly what an international move will cost.

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Shipping Costs

Understanding Your Shipping Costs

How to save money on international shipping ultimately comes down to being prepared. Once a shipping company has done the pre-move survey, they can provide a highly accurate look at the cost and time involved in packing and loading your goods as well as how much it will cost to ship those items.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Goods Long Distances?

Of course, it is always important to think about how to save money shipping abroad. Whether you are in the early stages and just starting to wonder, how much money should I save to move abroad, or you already have aeroplane tickets in hand and are now wondering can I buy a container, it is important to keep searching for those cost-saving ideas. At every stage in your planning, there are ways you can save money moving abroad.

The Factors that Affect Affordable Shipping

How much is international shipping? Believe it or not, that can depend on everything from the day of the week to how many glasses you’ve got in the kitchen cupboard. Affordable shipping comes in many different forms. If you want to save money shipping aboard, there are a few key insider tricks that you should know.

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What Is the Least Expensive Way to Ship Goods Abroad?

Shipping companies costs are determined largely by how you opt to ship belongings abroad. Before you get started, it is important to fully understand your options and start making choices.

Begin the process with an open mind and realise that any option could work for you. To save money shipping abroad and make the relocation process easy (or at least as easy as it can be), start by making a few lists.

How Much Does International Shipping Cost? Needs vs Essentials

Start the process by opening your mind up to every possibility. From furniture to clothes to every single object in your life, realise that some things simply might not be worth shipping. If you are shipping from Dubai to London, you can easily buy a new toaster or perhaps leave behind your collection of summer wear.

To save money on international shipping, your top priority will be to use shipping space wisely. You can save money shipping abroad by focusing on only the most valuable things and being very selective.

The best way to get started with figuring out how to save money on international shipping is to make a list of everything that you have. Divide it down into absolute essential items that can’t be replaced, then onto items that would be nice to bring but aren’t essential, and finally list the things that you will want to get rid of before you go. Read on more ideas on how to de-clutter your home before moving internationally


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Best Time to Ship

What is the Least Expensive way to Move Abroad?

Start by looking at the calendar! If you are just beginning to ask yourself how much money you need to move abroad, you are probably at an easily enough stage in the planning process where you can create the perfect calendar. 

Just like you can get a bargain on a great winter coat at the end of the cold season, you can save money hiring a shipping company by planning for the right time

When Is the Right Time to Relocate?

When you are looking at international moving costs, there are a few factors that you will want to bear in mind. First of all, it is important to know that you can save money on international shipping by planning for the right time. From choosing the right time of year to the right time of the month to the right time of the week, there is an art to all of it.

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The Least Expensive Time of Year to Ship

When it comes to the best time of year to ship, think of it like planning a trip. You know that if you go during a holiday, everyone else is going to be going as well and you will pay a premium. If it is a national holiday in the country of your arrival or departure, you will most likely pay more.

Major international holidays, like Easter, Christmas, or Eid as well as school breaks like mid-term are always going to be busy times. People tend to plan their moves for these times so pricing becomes far more competitive.

Save Money on International Shipping: By the Month

You will find a similar spike in pricing during the start and end of the month when people are moving to start new leases on the first of the month. Bear in mind, of course, that you aren’t just in the market with other people looking to make an international move. The same movers who pack up your future to send it abroad are packing up every house in town, regardless of how far people are moving.

If you possibly can, avoid the last few days of the month as well as the first few days of the month to avoid that peak demand and premium pricing.

Reduce your International Shipping Costs By Choosing the Right Time of the Week

Even if you can’t choose your time of year or month, you might be able to change your schedule for the week. To reduce your shipping costs, book a few days off of work during the week to move mid-week.

When you hire movers during the week, it is certainly easier to be available and coordinate with them. At the same time, you are going to be paying those movers overtime and weekend rates. This can drive up your cost a lot more than you might imagine.


Considering Storage Options

International shipping on a budget also depends on planning your timeline. 

Are you only moving abroad for a one year contract? If you have your eye on coming back home within a couple of years, consider the option of storing what you have. 

Keep those big pieces like the antique desk that you inherited or pricey sofas in a secure storage unit. This will give you the ability to settle back home easily without having to rebuy everything.

In any given city that is popular with ex-pats, you will easily find furnished apartments so you might not need a lot of these items to begin with.

Before shipping internationally, do your homework. Familiarise yourself with the options that are locally available. You will find that in some countries it is normal to leave everything down to the teacups ready to go for the next tenants. 

Meanwhile, in other countries, renters literally take everything, including the kitchen sink. Knowing what to expect can save you a considerable amount when you are relocating internationally. To get a clear picture of what to expect, check out our moving guides for an in-depth look at everything from renting an apartment to opening a bank account and beyond.

Stack-of-cardboard-boxes on wooden pallets. Preparing for shipping

Affordable Shipping Modes

Save Money When Choosing a Shipping Mode

If you are moving to a country where furnished apartments are common, you really only need to arrive with your clothing and other basic personal effects. In this case, you may be able to narrow it down to just a few suitcases. With such a small load, shipping internationally by sea is your best option

What is the cheapest way to ship goods long distances? Well, it depends on the size of your shipment. If you have a one-bedroom home or larger that you are moving, it is time to start looking at quotes for shipping companies.

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Transporting Household Goods Abroad: Shipment Terms

When you start really digging into your options and exploring the different options for saving money on shipping internationally, you will start to find yourself in a sea of unfamiliar terms. To make the best decisions on an international moving company and the available international shipping options, you will need to familiarise yourself with the different methods

What Is LCL Shipping: Less than a Container Load

International shipping companies often use a third party for smaller shipments. These companies are called freight forwarders. They will find the best route to get your shipment to the destination country. When you use this option, you will want to secure your goods in a lift-van, which is a type of wood crate. This will allow the freight forwarder to safely move your items between containers as needed during the shipment process. 

LCL Shipping is a fairly quick process and your creates will go out with the next available shipment. It is not unlike sending any kind of mail. It will be transported with whichever carriers are going in the same direction and throughout whichever countries makes the most sense for the carrier.

If you opt for LCL Shipping, you may pay extra costs. You are essentially hiring a middleman who will, of course, need to be paid.


Groupage Shipping or Consolidation Shipping

How much is a shipping container? Opting for Groupage Shipping, or Consolidation Shipping as it is sometimes called is a cost-effective option. There is no third party involved and you don’t need to pay for the cost of lift-vans. Your shipping company will pack your goods with other goods that are headed to the same destination.

If you are moving from Dubai to New York along with enough other people to fill a 20ft or 40ft container, you can all share that container for a reduced price. The only drawback here is that you may end up waiting for weeks until there are enough goods consolidated in order to send the shipment off.

What if I Take my Own Dedicated Container?

Using Groupage Shipping or Consolidation Shipping is just one type of FCL, or Full Container Load shipping. Of course, there is another type of FCL shipping, which is individual use. If you have enough to fill an entire container, you can have it for yourself and reduce the waiting time; though you lose the average of sharing the cost.

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Can I Purchase my Own Shipping Container?

This option is normally taken by someone who has a specific requirement to use the container at destination. Use it as a large shed, or converted into a home office or an extended storage/garage. 

You need to get the permission of the shipping line to do this, the container needs to be in very good condition. However, you will not notice much of a saving. Containers are not cheap and you still have to pay a freight cost to the shipping line albeit at a discounted rate.

Shipping Household Goods Abroad: Choosing the Right Method

When it comes to transport types, what is the cheapest way to transport goods long distances? It is a question we get asked a lot when looking at the different methods of shipping. How do I move my belongings to another country: air, road, rail, or sea transport?

When selecting the best international shipping method, for some destinations, you may see an option for air, road, rail, or sea transport; meanwhile, others may be more limited. 

The best option will depend, in part, on your destination and arrival countries. With each option, you’ll also find some advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, you will find the cheapest options by using sea container transport, but it is also the slowest option. Rail transport is another affordable shipping option and will save considerable costs for road transport.

Rail is common in Europe but maybe totally unavailable in some regions, especially in rural areas. Air transport is the quickest and safest shipping option but the costs will vary considerably depending on the location and time. 

Finally, road transport is flexible and easy to arrive but offers less security and more variable cost. When you meet with Shipping Companies, they will make recommendations on what makes the most sense for your international shipment.

Affordable-Shipping-Companies- Taking your own container

What is the Best Shipping Company?

The truth is that it depends. Your country of origin, country of destination, and the exact amount of things you are looking to move (including the number of fragile or high-value items) will determine the moving company which is right for you.

Some Shipping companies tend to specialise to particular parts of the world, Europe, or GCC, for example. Some movers offer very affordable shipping to the Philippines, or Australia and New Zealand.

To get moving on the process, get a free quote. It is a simple way to start budgeting and initiating the decision making process. There Is no obligation and intentional shipping companies are very familiar with the processing of offering quotes. .