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Looking to find reputable Relocation Company in Dubai? Whether you’re leaving or entering the UAE, there are key insider secrets to saving money and stress. And you are going to need them! With all of the services available from relocation companies, it is crucial to understand which service are worth it and which are simply a waste of money.

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Relocations companies

Whether you’re an ex-pat relocating to another country or you’re an Emirati going abroad to gain international experience, it is critical to connect with the right people. Relocation companies offer a broad range of services.

 From packing and moving furniture internationally, storage services, to finding the right settling-in services, home-finding services and assistance with schools for the children. there is an incredible number of ex-pats services a relocation company can provide.


What Does a Relocation Company Do for Me?

When you start looking at international relocation costs, you are going to see a sizable difference in what you are likely to pay.  Simply packing and moving goods abroad which means dealing directly with specialised international movers.

To find the best way to save time and money (and stress!) on your relocation, it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration.

As you are planning a move abroad, the key factors to consider are the size of your shipment and the amount of time that you have to organise it all. In addition what else (beyond your International move) will you require assistance with? This is when you begin to enter the realm of a Relocation Company.

If you are trying to figure out what is the cheapest way to transport goods long distances, you will quickly realise that the more do-it-yourself work that you do, the less expensive international shipping becomes.

At the same time, if you are moving more than a few suitcases, that DIY process quickly becomes too much to handle. This is where an international moving company can help you.


Getting Free Quotes from Relocation Companies: Finding the Right Companies

Your first step when you need to find reputable relocation companies in Dubai is to start collecting quotes. You are going to find that there is a wide range of options out there as well as different pricing options. Every ex-pat has different needs and every international relocation will be a bit different in what they offer. Deciding which relocation services are worth it is all about determining your specific needs. 

To get a truly accurate quote on the cost of your intentional move, you first need to take an honest and in-depth look at your needs. How much are you going to transport internationally? Are all of these essential or could some things move into a long-term storage facility? Will you drive abroad? Rent or purchase a property abroad? Consider all of your options and start creating a list of your needs.

Saving Money on International Relocations

How Much Do Relocations Services Cost?

In your mission to find reputable relocation companies in Dubai, you are going to have a wide array of options. In fact, there are more than 100 international moving companies in Dubai alone. Rather than going to every one of these companies, let them come to you. Put together all of your details then let the moving companies explain their services and give you a quote.

The first step to finding a trustworthy relocation company is to request quotes from international movers. We work with all of the top-rated moving companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. When you request a quote for relocation abroad, we look at your specific needs then match you with the best options. It a no-commitment step to familiarising yourself with the options.

One of the top questions that we always get is: How much do relocations services cost? The truth is that this will vary dramatically. A single guy moving from the UAE to Oman will be looking at a very different cost than a family moving from Dubai to Australia or Canada.

Relocation-Companies-Finding the right home

That is why getting a free quote for international relocation just makes sense. As you plan, it is also essential to ask: what services does a relocation company provide? Are some companies asking the same price but with fewer services? 

Could I save money in the long run by adding on a few services? As you weigh your options, ask all of these kinds of questions and more. To save yourself time and money in the future, carefully consider all of your options rather than just jumping to the very cheapest company or the one that seems the easiest to deal with.

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The Advantages of Using a Relocation Company

Are Relocation Companies Worth It?

There are a dizzying array of services for ex-pats and deciding which are truly essential can be a daunting task. Knowing how to work with a relocation agency to move abroad is key to getting a good value and a worthwhile service. 

From helping to arrange your visa to arranging accommodation to working with furniture movers, relocation companies can do it all. While certain services may be more valuable to some ex-pats than others, some relocation company services are indeed vital. Undoubtedly, international moving companies are a must for virtually every ex-pat.

Does a Relocation Agency Save You Time?

If you have ever moved abroad, you probably already know what an incredible undertaking it is. Whether you are an ex-pat moving for a short-term work contract and look to quickly get settled in or you’re a family immigrating abroad to start a new life, there is a staggering amount of work that needs to be done. 

When you are operating in a new country where you aren’t familiar with the rules and regulations (and perhaps not yet fluent in the local language) having a local relocation agent can save you months of headaches. Rather than guessing your way through the process and wasting time learning what an expert already knows inside and out, reach out and get that much-need help. 

Relocations-companies - Relocation finances

How to Save on Relocation Costs

Having a to-do list is one thing. Hard-working ex-pats in love with their new country are often energised and ready to tackle even the longest lists. The issue with international relocation, however, is that it is often impossible to create that task list.

Dealing with different government bureaucracy, trying to understand a different way of life in a different language, and the many other challenges that ex-pats face can make certain processes essentially impossible. This is where those settling-in services come into play.

Why Settling-In Services Are Important

Settling-in services are a key area of expatriate support. It is one of those services for ex-pats that foreigners often can’t live without. These are particularly important for immigrants getting settled into a new country because some essential tasks are just not obvious on arrival. Unfortunately, relocation abroad doesn’t come with a quick and easy checklist. 

The essential tasks to be done on arrival depend not only on the country you are now living in but also in your country of origin. The rules can be confusing and it is all too easy to miss crucial steps. That is why so many ex-pats who try to do it all alone end up losing significant amounts of time and money.


Customer Reviews

All companies contacted me quickly and the movers I eventually selected did a good job and were reasonably priced.
Mr. B. Andersen
Dubai, UAE to London, England

Very positive experience from the company we selected. Everyone professional, polite and accommodating. Many thanks
Mrs. P. Jones
Al Ain, UAE to Sydney, Australia

Your moving guides and articles were most helpful and the service we eventually received were very good at both ends
Mr. R. Murphy
Dubai, UAE to Christchurch, N.Z.

Very trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much for helping make this the easiest move we have had in over 20 years
Mrs. J. Dolton
Abu Dhabi, UAE to Paris, France

How Much Do Relocation Companies Cost?

How Do Relocation Services Save You Money?

Which relocations service are worth it? It is a question that we get asked a lot and, ultimately, each person has a different experience. Generally speaking, the majority of ex-pats and immigrants setting up in a new country can save a lot of time and money by getting help with those daily essentials like creating accounts. 

For example, in the majority of countries, it is imperative to get set up with a local bank account. Not only will getting this local bank account to save you transaction and conversations fees, but it is often a prerequisite for other services.

Getting a bank account, especially in those countries that are famous for their red tape, can be a considerable obstacle. Even if you speak the local language well, there are requirements for opening an account that can be difficult to get your hands on.

Opening a bank account is just one step of many. Upon arrival in a new country, you will also need to get set up with the local government’s tax system and register yourself locally. You will need to convert your driving license and get set up with local religion and insurance if you will be driving. At home, you will need all of your units setup, and you will need to get registered with a GP near you. 

Settling-in services will get you set up with all of these essentials and much more. As you’re hiring a maintenance worker, meeting networking groups, or enrolling in local language classes, having a local at yourself is truly invaluable.

Relocation-Companies - Relaxed settling in

Getting Ready to Relocate Abroad

From city tours to get oriented with your new hometown to finding the right schools and getting your utilities set up, you need to be organised and ready to hit the ground running. Until you move to a new country, you can’t fully appreciate just how many little aspects of your daily life that you take for granted. 

To make sure that you have water coming out of your shower in the morning, your kids enrolled in a school, a means of getting to work, and the laundry list of other things that must be done, being an ex-pat is not for the faint of heart! Keep reading here for all of the steps that you need to get ready to relocate abroad.

How to Hire a Relocation Agent

For most destinations, you will find that you need to arrange a company that will physically move your items as well as experts in the country of your destination who specialise in settling in ex-pats. To get started, you will want to get a few different moving quotes from different companies so that you can weigh your options.

Before choosing, ask each agent: What services does a relocation company provide? Relocation services can mean different things to different agencies. From the very best relocations who will make you feel like you’ve got a friend on arrival to those not-so-great relocations specialists who basically print a few forms from the internet net and leave you to guess your way through the rest, your experiences may vary.

Looking to find reputable relocation companies in Dubai? Don’t be shy to ask anything and everything that you might need to know. Have them explain their process from beginning to end so you walk away with a clear understanding and can make an informed choice.

Relocation and Orientation Services

Creating an International Moving Checklist: Things to Do Before Moving Abroad

When you are ready to prepare for your international relocation, create a checklist. Having a clear picture and a visual aid will help you keep things on track. Here is a look at everything that you will want to prepare as an ex-pat.

How to Get Settled Into a New Country

In every endeavour, it is important to start on the right foot. While everything will certainly be new to you, there are a lot of decisions to make as soon as you arrive. That is why is it critical to treat those first few weeks as an intensive boot camp in learning local culture. You will need to take in a great deal of info about your new country and start making some assessments.

Starting with things like an orientation of the area and a city tour will help you decide on the best neighbourhoods to live. As you begin your home search, you will need to know where and how to find a property as well as to familiarise yourself with tenancy contract management and negotiation. When you move into your new home, you will need to look into utilities set up and get enrolled in a local school if you have kids.

As you get more settled in, having that expatriate support from other foreigners while also getting embedded into the local community is a major huddle. It is one, however, that can be made easy by strong cross-cultural knowledge.


What’s the Value of Cross-Cultural Training for Expats?

Whether you are moving to the bordering country or across the world, culture shock is inevitable. If you are moving far from home, you might be hit with an immediate wave of complete culture shock. If you are staying a bit closer to home, it could take you weeks, months, or even years to pick up on certain subtleties of the county. 

While certain aspects of a new culture are subtle and appear as you start to integrate and make local friends, others will hit you hard. Beyond simply learning the subtleties, a new language, cuisine, and way of socialism, certain aspects of the culture are truly imperative to understand from the moment that you arrive in your new country.

While we sometimes think of culture as being only art, theatre, literature, and other lovely things that fill our free time, it is much more than that. Understanding the local culture can make or break your career

Certain social mistakes and cultural misunderstands can cause you to lose your job, struggle to find housing, and ultimately fail as an ex-pat. And, indeed, failing as an ex-pat is not nearly as common as you might think.

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Many foreigners who move abroad struggle to get adjusted to the new culture. Despite having a wealth of opportunities at their fingertips, these ex-pats find themselves unable to understand the local culture and ultimately they go back to where they started. 

An expert on cross-cultural training can help you see what you might miss during a work orientation or city tour. A local pro can help you in your home search so you know what to do (and not to do!) during tenancy contract management and negotiation. They can guide you through the school search and help your entire family find their own way to feel at home.


What is a Departure Service?

One often overlooked ex-pat service is departure services. All of those things, both big and small, that needed to be arranged on arrival will also need to be managed on departures. Expat departure services will help you avoid penalty fees, violations of local laws, and other serious headaches that can come with moving out of a foreign country. 

Some of the most common and valuable departure services include ending your rental contract and getting your security deposit back; closing your vehicle lease or selling your car; terminating utility contracts, mobile contracts, local memberships, and other financial obligations; unenrolling kids in school and transferring credits; moving pets; and countless other little details that you probably don’t even realise they need to be managed.