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We know what it is like to move internationally. And whether you are elated, anxious, or somewhat indifferent, the process of moving can be a burden for most people.

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Our moving guides, blogs and tips are designed to encourage you to think pro-actively, allowing you to make informed decisions, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Providing you with the tools to take charge of your move.


Matching you instantly, with 6 potential movers with the click of a button, eliminates the hassle of having to shop around, deal with switchboards, and chase people to respond. Complete a few basic fields, providing minimal data regarding your move and wait for the quotations.

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Services & Features

Door to Door

International Removals, includes packing, customs clearance and delivery

Road Transport

Road transportation is an alternative method for shipments around the GCC

Air Shipping

Small Baggage shipments and belongings can be transferred by Air

Sea Freight

Shipping by Sea is the most efficient way to move a large amount of goods

Secure Storage

A wide range of Storage options, from Self-Storage, Long Term to A/C Storage


Groupage shipping enables several people to share the relocation costs

Less than a Container

LCL shipping provides an effective way to ship smaller volumes in a timely manner

Vehicle Shipping

It’s possible to ship your used car with or without your household goods

We Help You Fast-Track The Moving Process
With 20+ years in the moving industry, we are ideally positioned to shortlist the best moving companies in your city and make sure they contact you promptly in order to provide you with a tailored, competitive, no obligation quotation, completely free.

Our goal is to fast-track you through the initial stages allowing you to focus attention on the pressing issues in your life safe in the knowledge you will be connected with leading international moving companies providing real value for money.

Our modern, fast-paced lives, leave few of us with time to devote hours of research into short-listing movers, calling to arrange quotes and surveys. Once you submit your request, we analyze and determine the most suitable moving and relocation companies to accommodate your needs. This is where our years of industry knowledge is key, we save you the hassle of finding, vetting and obtaining competitive quotes from the best moving and relocation companies. Read our privacy policy for more

Moving Process


Customer Reviews

All companies contacted me quickly and the movers I eventually selected did a good job and were reasonably priced.
Mr. B. Andersen
Dubai, UAE to London, England

Very positive experience from the company we selected. Everyone professional, polite and accommodating. Many thanks
Mrs. P. Jones
Al Ain, UAE to Sydney, Australia

Your moving guides and articles were most helpful and the service we eventually received were very good at both ends
Mr. R. Murphy
Dubai, UAE to Christchurch, N.Z.

Very trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much for helping make this the easiest move we have had in over 20 years
Mrs. J. Dolton
Abu Dhabi, UAE to Paris, France

Movers Accreditation



FIDI is the global alliance of quality-certified international moving, storage and relocation companies.



The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving industry's largest global trade association.



BAR is the trade association for removal and storage services UK with over 250 International Associates worldwide.



FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) is the most stringent quality programme for the moving industry.



American Moving & Storage Association, USA's national trade association for the professional moving industry.



OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) is a network of moving and relocation companies operating on every continent.