The Moving Process

An International Move can seem a daunting prospect, we help kickstart your move by streamlining the
first contact and quotations, after that, we break the move down for you into 6 manageable steps.
No need to stress, just follow the Moving Process.

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Moving Steps

STEP 1 : Pre-move Survey

Upon completing the request quotes form, arrangements will be made for an experienced moving consultant to visit your residence in order to conduct a pre-move survey. Move consultants are experts in international moving.

A visit to your home enables the mover to

  • Evaluate the volume of goods
  • Assess the logistics of the move at origin and destination
  • Fully understand your international moving requirements and your schedule
  • Elaborate on useful/applicable services
  • Empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

During the pre-move survey, the moving consultant will walk around your home with you, making a detailed inventory of the items you wish to move. Based on this inventory, they will estimate the volume of your goods, allowing the mover to provide an accurate quotation.

You will receive a moving brochures, with customs forms and details of customs restrictions relating to your final destination. The brochure will also provide an overview of the available Transit Insurance Cover.

The moving consultant will be able to talk you through any paperwork you need to complete and find out more about your schedule, such as departure dates from origin, arrival dates at destination.

This will help to determine the packing and shipping schedule and whether storage needs to be considered. Also considering access issues at origin and to your new residence is particularly important.

Premove survey from shipping companies providing quotes for shipment

STEP 2 : Quotation, Moving Plan and Acceptance Form

The moving consultant will arrange for a tailored quotation to be sent to you within 2 working days. All your international moving requirements will be catered to within the quotation.

You can contact the moving consultant at any time with any questions you have regarding the quotation or any aspect of the relocation process. Each mover will highly value your feedback.

Once you decide on a mover, the moving consultant will check when you want to move, and will book packing dates into the schedule. Ensuring accurate departure dates, storage requirements and target delivery dates are all taken into account.

To confirm your move, formerly accept the quote form and scan/fax the form back to the mover.

You will be assigned a dedicated move-coordinator, who will help throughout the international move process. They will send you a formal confirmation of the move dates, keeping you updated with all key dates, assist you with documentation, and will support you at every step.

In addition, the moving consultant will run through key points about important shipping/packing details. If you have any particularly awkward items you wish to ship, raise this during the pre-move survey since it is absolutely in both parties for this to be addressed.

Following the pre-move survey, the International Moving company will have all the information in order to provide you with a very accurate quotation. 

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STEP 3 : Packing and Loading

Packing Crews are an integral part of any moving company. Crew Leaders have a minimum 10 years international moving experience and the packing crew members a minimum of 5 years. Everyone speaks good English and each employee is dedicated to delivering the best moving experience possible.

The team will arrive at the agreed time, the Crew Leader will introduce himself and whilst the packing materials are being unloaded he will accompany you on a walk through your residence checking details from his work instruction to ensure fragile items, items to be crated, items to be left behind are all noted and catered for.

Every carton or item of furniture packed has a description, and will be numbered and usually a colour coded room label will be added. The packing crew member even initials the items to take personal responsibility for everything they pack. The initials are added to the detailed inventory/packing list which is prepared by the Crew Leader.

Once the packing and numbering is complete the goods are loaded at residence, either directly into the container, or into covered moving trucks (if the goods need to be shuttled, or are transferred to a storage facility).

During loading the Crew Leader uses a loading chart to account for every single item which is loaded.

Finally the Crew Leader will wonder through your residence with you to ensure all packing debris has been removed and all work has been completed.


STEP 4 : In Transit

All movers work with premium carriers for air and sea transit. Whenever possible they will try to identify and select a direct sailing/flight.

Your move coordinator is central to the planning, routing and timing of your international move.

Your move coordinator uses the carrier’s on-line tracking system to monitor progress, taking a proactive approach.

This is particularly important if your goods have to change vessels/aircraft en route, so your move coordinator is particularly diligent at these times.

Despite best efforts delays can occasionally occur, due to congestion or bad weather, or other situations beyond the moving company’s control. However every effort is made to be as proactive as possible in order to keep you informed.


STEP 5 : Customs Clearance and Delivery

At destination our movers team up with a network of trusted service partners. These companies have long-standing relationships. We insist on high standards and regular evaluations and feedback from our clients ensure they deliver the standards you deserve.

Hidden moving costs and how to avoid them - checking a container

STEP 6 : Unpacking at your New Home

Once our service partner has delivered your goods, all items will be placed into appropriate rooms, which is made very straight forward thanks to our color coded room labels. This accelerates the process and avoids double or treble handling of boxes.

The delivery team will unpack all furniture for you, and also contents to a flat surface. Basic furniture items will be re-assembled. They will even take away the packing materials for recycling, where available, on the day of delivery.

We have some of the lowest insurance claims ratios in the industry but accidents can happen In the unfortunate event of a damaged/broken item, please make a note of the box number and the nature of damage. If possible take a photograph. Movers will help you process an insurance claim. Damage is unusual and wide-spread damage extremely rare.

Once the move is complete, and you have settled into your new home, we will send you an internet link inviting you to provide us with some feedback. This only takes a couple of minutes and we would greatly appreciate your thoughts on your moving experience.