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Hidden moving costs and how to avoid them - Unpacking
Shipping Container being loaded by International movers

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How long does it take to get a quote?

Depending on the specific requirements, a quote could be emailed on the same day, but usually you will receive the quote within 1 or 2 days.

If your international move is a little more complex, a professional pre-move survey can quickly be arranged providing a more tailored international moving quotation.

Will the quotation cost me anything?

Our service is totally FREE, you will be contacted by moving companies for your free quotes.

Depending on the specific requirements, a quote could be emailed on the same day, but usually you will receive the quote within 1 or 2 days

If your international move is a little more complex, a professional pre-move survey can quickly be arranged providing a more tailored international moving quotation.

How much does an international move cost?

There are many factors which affect costs, smaller shipments can be shipped for a few thousand Dirhams. However 20ft or 40ft Containers could cost 10,000+ thousand Dirhams. Get the latest up to date prices by requesting a quote via our portal.

Are the quotes door to door?

All quotes provided are door to door unless specified otherwise. There are certain mitigating circumstances, for example, the delivery area at destination is tricky and an additional cost/service is required such as parking fees, long carry, delivery above 1st floor without elevators, heavy items which require extra lifting equipment etc. This is all specified in the moving companies’ quotation. Take the time to go through it so you are prepared.

How long are quotes valid?

It is best to check with your mover on this. Shipping rates can change from month to month, but this is normally the only factor which can affect the price. Validity is usually specified within the quotation but is normally 1 month.

If the scope of your move does not change, then the door to door price is unlikely to change drastically.

International Movers

When should I make contact with movers?

Depending on the time you are moving you might want to book moving dates at least 1 month in advance, however, throughout most of the year, movers are keen to accommodate your move at short notice if required.

If you are fortunate enough to know about your move ahead of time, this provides the opportunity to plan and save money in a number of areas.

For a start, you can invest more time in obtaining and comparing quotes from various international moving companies. 5-6 is an ideal number; it allows you to review a wide range of services and prices calmly, without the process becoming overwhelming.

Why do I need a Pre-move Survey?

Frankly – because you want the international moving company to provide an accurate quotation. The pre-move survey allows the moving company to view your goods and note access to your property. The international moving company’s representative would usually visit your residence and conduct a pre-move survey. Depending on the volume of contents, it can take from 15 minutes for a small apartment and up to 1 hour for a 3-4 bedroom house.

In addition, the moving consultant will run through key points about important shipping/packing details. If you have any particularly awkward items you wish to ship, raise this during the pre-move survey since it is absolutely in both parties for this to be addressed.

Following the pre-move survey, the International Moving company will have all the information in order to provide you with a very accurate quotation. 

What are examples of specialised packing?

Artwork – Paintings, Mirrors, Statues, Sculptures

Small vehicles – Motorcycle, Jet-ski, quad-bike 

Fragile items – Hanging chandeliers, vases, large crystal items

Oversized items – Piano, hot-tub, boat, pool table

wooden boxes and frames in the room
Wooden crates are a great way to protect fragile items such as TV's and delicate artwork

How do I shortlist International Moving Company?

When choosing your potential move, it is important to ensure the packing crews are fully trained with years of experience in the international moving industry.

In addition, a responsible Crew Leader who has minimum 10 years supervisory experience. We, of course, undertake this due diligence for you by identifying the international moving companies that utilise top quality packing materials combined with innovative, market-leading packing and operational techniques and who provide competitively priced service.

Patience and empathy are vital qualities we look for in the companies we recommend. 

What does the Moving company do for me?

Taking on the responsibility of the move yourself is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Most people employ the services of a professional moving company, who obviously add their margin to any of the moving costs, so what can a moving company do for you??

Pre Move Survey – It’s important, especially if you have a sizeable volume of goods, to arrange for a representative from the moving company to visit your residence and there are numerous reasons to do this. 

  • Volume – You want the movers to get a really good idea on the volume of your goods. 
  • Access – and to view any access issues. 
  • Packing – You want to discuss packing materials and techniques. 
  • Timeframe – How long does it take to pack/load, how often do vessels depart and what is the schedule incl eta.
  • Routing – Is the shipment going to change vessels during the journey and what are the ramifications of this?

Packing – Anyone moving a few boxes of contents, may feel comfortable packing items themselves, but once you start to introduce furniture and a partial, or an entire household, this can quickly become overwhelming and it is advisable to leave this to a packing crew.

Most of these teams are very experienced and can bring a calming influence to the whole, packing and loading process.

Insurance – Movers will happily make arrangements to hook you up with their preferred insurers and will ensure all the documentation and procedures are completed on your behalf. This makes things very straight-forward, but you, of course, have the option of arranging this with the insurance company of your choice.

Loading – A larger move might have anything from 200 to 400+ boxes/packages. If there comes a time you will be truly thankful for retaining the services of a mover, it will be at the time of loading. This is even more relevant should you be moving from a home with poor access. In cases like this all boxes might need to be shuttled in a smaller vehicle or carried over a long distance. 

When is the best time of year to move internationally?

Wherever you are in the world, people plan international moving at a time which causes the least disruption to their lives. High demand drives up prices and limits the availability of movers. So, if possible this is what you should aim for.

Move on a weekday – Moving over a weekend, is likely to ramp up costs, with overtime and other expenses. Book a couple of days of work and deal with the packing and loading during the working week.

Move around the middle of the month – The end of each month and the first few days of a new month tend to be very busy times. You have a better chance of securing the ideal dates and mover you want. 

Move during school terms – Movers are notoriously busy during school holidays, national holidays, including Christmas, Easter, Eid and at half terms. At these times, you might find it hard to secure a moving slot even if you book a number of weeks in advance. Prices during the long summer school holidays in particular. will certainly increase as it is considered Peak Season.


Customer Reviews

Your form was really simple to complete and it made obtaining several quotes very convenient and painless - Thank you!
Mr. F. Nawaz
Dubai, UAE to KL, Malaysia

I didn't have to chase moving companies throughout the process. This was much less stressful experience than any of my previous moves
Mr. D. Muir
Abu Dhabi, UAE to Brisbane, Australia

We are the third couple from our company to contact you and I have already recommended you to another colleague
Ms. N. Pentz
Al Ain, UAE to Cape Town, S.A.

Very satisfied with the professional approach to my personal, earthly possessions. Weill definitely recommend you to others
Mr. M. Rasmuson
Dubai, UAE to Moscow, Russia

Shipping Mode

What are the different ways to ship my goods?

Assuming you are moving more than a few suitcases to a new continent, then shipment by sea is your only realistic option.

Once your volume exceeds around 13-15 cubic meters / 460-530 cubic feet (1 Bedroom+) then it is possibly the most cost-effective to take your own shipping container

However, if you are willing to be flexible on the door to door transit times, discuss the option of shared containers.

There are two types of shared container services LCL and Groupage. Read more on LCL and Groupage here

Boxes of contents being unloaded by a international moving company in Dubai

I need to move in a hurry, what can I do?

A streamlined approach is the best way; You need to be clear on dates, clear on destination and know in advance exactly what you are taking.

If you can make a list of every item. For things like clothing, express this to the mover in terms of how many suitcases worth of clothes, the same with contents. 5 boxes of kitchenware, 3 boxes of toiletries etc… Moving companies can quote on this basis, additionally focusing on an average dimension guide for any furniture items.

However, a pre-move survey is recommended as quotes will generally be more accurate and are based on the final packed volume.

How long does it take for my goods to arrive?

Again, this depends on a number of elements. The destination and mode of transport are the two main factors

Door to Door - Transit Times (Days)

Transit Times for Shipping Chart

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Preparing for an International Move

What if I do not have a UAE residence visa?

This is particularly pertinent if you have stored your goods for some time and have subsequently left the UAE having cancelled your visas etc.

Regulations change from time to time, best to check with your mover. Generally speaking, once a UAE visa is cancelled, you can still export your goods out of the UAE within a reasonable timeframe.

I have chosen a mover, now what happens?

Talk to your mover and schedule a packing date. You should fill out the acceptance form, stating you have accepted the quote.

Make sure to mention the full delivery address and emergency contact details of a friend/relative. Passport copies and UAE visa copies are required for exporting from Dubai and all Emirates in the UAE.

What can I do to prepare for my move?

If you have a tight schedule and you would like to help as much as you can, or if you simply want to get organized before the move day.

We would suggest any items you do not want to be packed are placed out of the way the day before packing starts. Pack the clothes you do not want to ship into a couple of suitcases. Other personal items such as paperwork, devices, backup drives, chargers passport/tickets etc.

This way when the packers arrive, they can set straight to work and you can designate the area where you have all your items (which should not be packed), as a no go zone.

How do I select a reputable international mover?

Getting the right mover isn’t as clear as one might imagine, as there are many factors to determine a professional International Mover versus a “Shipping Company” with some packers.

We have an extensive article on 9 tips when shortlisting an International Mover for more information.

Shipping Container being loaded by International movers

Transfer and Export – Once loaded your goods are transferred to the port, all documentation and export procedures are completed. The goods/container are then loaded onto the shipping vessel.

Tracking and Customs clearance – The movers will track the progress of the vessel your goods are loaded onto. There is a possibility the goods will switch vessels en route to the final port of destination and so it is particularly important to track the shipment at this time. 

Upon arrival at destination, the mover will be responsible for clearing the shipment through customs. Delays and problems at this stage can add significant unwanted expense, so it’s advisable to leave this crucial part of the move to specialists.

Delivery and unpacking – Once again, depending on your volume and access to your new residence, delivery can be very labour intensive and the delivery team will make the process of delivery, unpack and set-up much more convenient.

Insurance is definitely recommended, most insurance coverage covers for breakages and damages of the insured value of the item.

Undervaluing your items is not recommended as if the item does break, you will only be covered for the amount you have insured it for.

However, if the items are low risk of breakage/damage during transit, we would still recommend considering a total loss insurance coverage which is applied at a lower rate and covers you in case of an entire loss of shipment.

Moving Day

Once you have selected a mover, pre-planning is key. passports, phone chargers, wallet, backpack etc.

These items can be placed in a dedicated room such as the master bedroom or an adjoining bathroom and we would suggest you put a sign on the door saying “Do not enter”. 

If your packing is over multiple days, make sure to pack the bed last or check into a hotel.

Communication with your moving company is essential, select packing dates well in advance, establish whether you will remain in the home during packing.

Do not schedule in anything else, or even work on the moving day(s). If you have children make sure to prepare them well in advance. Read our article on moving with children for more info.

Where can I house my family?

Large international moves, which may take multiple days to pack, can leave families a little disoriented. It’s at best inconvenient and at worst fairly stressful (the sound of moving boxes being taped up gets to everyone eventually). So even though the packers are doing a great job and working around you, at some stage you might want to consider relocating the family to a hotel or serviced apartment for a couple of nights.

This might seem an unnecessary expense, but being able to retreat to a quiet, clean, calm environment at the end of the day; during the final loading day and perhaps a day after the move, will provide you with the surroundings you need to tie loose ends and deal with any last-minute contingencies in a relaxed, organised manner.

Whilst the goods are in transit, many people plan a vacation. You might even be able to arrange this en route to your next destination.

The nature of international moving makes it very difficult, almost impossible to guarantee a delivery date. So, if you are able to budget for some temporary accommodation at your destination which can be extended (or cut short) this can help around the time of delivery.

Family moving internationally and walking out the door

Payments / Charges

What payment options are there?

Most moving companies accept cash, cheque and credit card.

Credit card payments may be subject to a processing fee, usually between 2.5% – 3.5% depending on the credit card service provider.

Why is there a credit card fee?

Credit card providers take a commission for every transaction for using their service.

Supermarket chains usually include this into their final product price.

However, with shipping, you are dealing with thousands instead of hundreds and movers don’t include credit card fees in their quotation as it will make the quote seem uncompetitive

Are there any additional charges I need to know about?

Straight forward moves, with easy customs clearance, generally are unlikely to incur additional costs.

However, if the container/shipment is selected for a physical inspection then additional costs can be applied.

This can be an extensive topic and we would recommend you read our article about moving-related costs.

Do I need to pay any import duty / Taxes?

Generally for used household goods and personal effects, there are regulations which allow the import of your goods duty-free.

There are rules and guidelines for every country, we have an extensive list of county guides which could help you understand more about the regulations of the country you are going to.

Also, it is recommended you always check with your moving company.

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Can I take my car?

It is advisable to check on the regulations beforehand, in most cases yes however there can be associated costs with doing so, generally weighing up the cost of shipping vs selling is wise.

If money is of no object then yes, to most countries you can pay import duties and take the vehicle. As a general rule, it is not recommended to import cars outside of the UK/ EU. USA/Canada is only recommended for US-made and exported vehicles.

However, with every country, there are regulations to make sure your car is compliant with the destination country. It is advisable to check all of this beforehand.
Shipping your car overseas - White sports car being loaded into container

I have some special items that need extra attention?

There may be special handling or a particular packing/crating request. Always specify your requirements to the moving consultant/surveyor at the pre-move survey.

They will in-turn ensure the instructions are passed to the packing crew leader on the day.

It is always a good idea to walk through your home on the first day of packing to make sure all instructions are clearly understood.

Is storage available?

Yes – It is easy and in some cases more cost-effective to store your goods at origin rather than a destination.

Most moving companies provide storage solutions. Different options are available, such as air-conditioned storage, storage pods, crated storage, car storage. Storage charges are usually calculated based on per cubic meter per month. Additional handling/retrieval charges may apply.

Some people may not know their final destination at the time the goods are packed and again this would make sense to store the goods at origin.

However, if goods are shipped and stored at destination it does then mean delivery can be made quickly once a suitable home has been found.

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage loading cardboard boxes

Do I really need insurance?

Insurance is definitely recommended, most insurance coverage covers for breakages and damages of the insured value of the item.

Undervaluing your items is not recommended as if the item does break, you will only be covered for the amount you have insured it for.

However, if the items are low risk of breakage/damage during transit, we would still recommend considering a total loss insurance coverage which is applied at a lower rate and covers you in case of an entire loss of shipment.