Shipping of Cars

Global Relocations can connect you with International Moving specialists who can provide secure vehicle shipping services to your new location ensuring your car will be in very safe hands.

In order to export you car please make arrangements to visit the RTA and you can complete the process within 1 hour. The registered owner of the vehicle has to do this. You will be provided with an export certificate and a set of blue export sites.

The car can be collected from your residence on a recovery vehicle or arrangements can be made for you to deliver the car to the selected mover’s office or to the port.

In order to restrict movement of the vehicle in transit your car is carefully loaded into the container and then blocked and secured in place using specialist transit straps. Comprehensive all risk marine insurance to cover your car whilst in transit.

During the loading process the car is inspected by a customs official who will check the paperwork against the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car. Charges for this are fully included in the quotation.

If you are shipping a car with household goods and personal effects in the same container, goods are generally loaded first, the goods are braced in position using a bulkhead and then the car is loaded nearest the door of the container. In some cases a special frame can be constructed over part (or all) of the vehicle to maximize the space in the container.

Each country has separate requirements regarding the importation of vehicles. Your moving consultant will be able to provide specific information with regards to your destination country.

Please note that the vehicle should be low on fuel (no more than one quarter full). Please also thoroughly clean your car (inside and outside) prior to shipping.

In addition to shipping cars overseas, we can help you to ship motorcycles; jet skis, quad-bikes and even boats. Please provide any requirements pertaining to this on you quote request.