9 Tips when Shortlisting an International Mover

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Shortlisting an International Mover is key to a successful move. When you request quotes through Global Relocations you have the peace of mind that the criteria and procedures listed below have already been applied on your behalf.

To put it another way – We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

If you chose to obtain some additional quotes then we would highly recommend you apply the steps we take when shortlisting an International Mover.

Please consider the following tips;

1. Research any company before you make contact

This single most important tip when shortlisting an international mover: Check reviews about companies on the internet, also check for complaints. Ask your friends and co-workers about international movers they have used in the past and you will soon gather a list of trustworthy International Movers.

2. Are you comparing "like for like" international movers?

When you compare quotations between international movers, make sure you check what is included and excluded to avoid any unexpected additional charges at a later date.

Prices which appear inexpensive may cost you more in the end.

  • Is the shipment method the same? Are your personal items being moved in their own container, or are they consolidated with other shipments?
  • Have terminal and port handling charges been included?
  • Is packing/unpacking included?
  • Define unpacking? What will they actually unpack?
  • Have they accounted for unusual access (especially at destination)?
  • Have they included customs clearance?
  • In short, have they included all costs you would expect to pay in a normal door-to-door move?

3. Is International Moving their core business?

Many companies are primarily Freight Forwarders and International Moving is a side-line. Some other companies specialise in local moves within the city and simply do not possess the expertise to provide the advice you need to make an informed decision, and ultimately the ability to provide a professional, International, door to door solution.

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4. Do they have a trade license i.e. are they operating legally?

Rogue movers are not uncommon, just go online and you will see how many people have learned the hard way, through very painful experiences. If there is any doubt, ask them to produce a copy of the trade license or the trade license number. 

You can then easily verify if they are for real. If they cannot/will not produce this – walk away.

5. How established are they and are all the packing staff full time, experienced employees?

Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in companies who offer moving services and subcontracting a packing crew is common. This makes shortlisting an International Mover even more important. Ensure the company is established, experienced and has a good track record. 

The packing crew is integral to a successful move, make sure all the crew are full-time employees and have the experience to oversee the packing and loading of your possessions. The team should have a lead packer and consist of a 3-5 man crew.

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6. Who will be providing the service at the other end?

The person that visit you in your home and conducts the pre-move survey may be excellent. But ask them which international mover they use to clear and deliver your goods at the other end. Do they have a long-standing relationship? 

Can they provide a contact person at destination with whom you can speak with or exchange emails? Someone who will continue the good work right through to delivery. This will provide you with peace of mind.

7. Are they ISO certified?

ISO certification ensures the company performs to a consistently high level, with proven systems and procedures which are monitored regularly. This is key to a successful relocation.

8. Get Everything in writing

It is unwise to proceed with any international mover unless you have a detailed contract. Make sure that you obtain a no-obligation written quotation and check all details are fully listed and all costs are clearly included. Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on moving day.

If there is any doubt or any grey areas, do not hesitate to ask the mover to re-submit a brand new quotation. If there are any problems, the quotation and contract will be what the mover refers to and so it needs to be correct and accurately reflect the agreement you have made.


9. Do you feel comfortable?

How was your initial dealing with the mover? Was the surveyor knowledgeable? Make sure they sit with you at the time of the survey and walk you through the entire moving process. 

Most people do not ask anywhere near enough questions. If there is even a slight doubt, seek clarification. If you have followed the tips above and still feel comfortable, then you are on the right track to making an informed decision.

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So there you have it. We have covered all the tips you need in order to shortlist an International Mover. We hope this article has been some use to you, (why not share this with someone you know), and we wish you all the best of luck.

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