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Why is Moving to the UK becoming increasingly popular? 

Moving to the United Kingdom

For years, the United Kingdom has been a magnet for foreigners and expats from near and far. Liberal policies, economic diversities and commonwealth connections were all major players in the formation of the unique ethnic platforms present in the UK. Time has shown a strict placement on immigration laws and an increase in demand for expats with specialized skills has surfaced. Although global economic status has been stressed, the country is displaying strong signs of consistent growth in the areas of economy. The strengthening sectors are finance, IT, energy, engineering, healthcare, gas, oil and construction. Those expats with experience and skills in these fields will have a great opportunity for career advancement in the UK.


The healthcare industry of the UK is regarded as one of its most prized assets. There is a very positive standard of care provided in the private and public sector of health treatment. Medical personnel, staff and doctors have received some of the highest levels of training available and have continuous knowledge to offer to their field of specialty. This is a free service in the UK and as expected, appointments are very hard to obtain and wait times are exceedingly long. Those expats who are eligible to take advantage of these services should do so but be prepared for the inconvenience of time that accompanies this accommodation.

Around the UK

For those who relocate to the UK with children, there will be many variables in the qualities of schools and education facilities. For those who live in the UK legally, the option to send kids to government funded state schools is a great one but expect lower standards and quality of teaching. Private educational facilities are an option but require fees that are relatively high and should be negotiated as part of the employment contract whenever possible. Roadways are in great condition and the transportation system is exquisite for travel around from city to city. Some of the cities of the UK are shown below.

• Edinburgh
• Glasgow
• London
• Manchester

Moving to the UK?

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