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Why is Moving to Germany becoming increasingly popular? 

Germany has a population approaching 82 million, it is a modern and cosmopolitan country with around 20% if its population as immigrants.

It has the third highest level of immigrants worldwide drawing mainly from Turkey, Greece, Italy and Eastern Europe.  Immigrants have very little difficulty in settling and embracing the German way of life.


Berlin is the capital of Germany; has over 3.5 million inhabitants, and has the greatest number of job opportunities for expats.

It is full of culture and expats tend to settle in the more wealthy parts of the city. Popular areas are the wealthy Charlottenburg and the exclusive Westend as are the areas near Kurfürstendamm and Grunewaldin the west and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to the east.


The population of Munich is 1.38 million inhabitants yet it has the ambiance of a small-town. It has an ancient historical centre, green parks, and cozy neighbourhoods. For expats moving to Germany with their children and despite it being one of the most expensive areas Munich has the reputation of a safe city with many international schools and offers a very high standard of living.

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is the financial capital and includes the largest German stock exchange, the European Central Bank, and the German Federal Bank. Frankfurt’s population has over 180 nationalities, and its large international airportia an extremely busy travel centre.

Moving to Germany?