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Why is Moving to France becoming increasingly popular? 

With Paris its capital France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with its many tourist attractions and its iconic history.


France has a population of about 65 million with a population, which prides itself with its culture and language. The French favour communicating in their own language and very much appreciate those who make an attempt to converse in French.

Expatriates number about 20% of the Parisian population of 2 million and are mostly older people who enjoy the culture and general ambiance. Other major cities are Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille and Strasbourg.

The country is divided into 22 regions with individual characteristics and specialties. They have their own local authorities and access is easy by having many local airports.

France is part of the European Economic Community with The Euro as its currency.  The major language is French but in border areas Italian, German and Spanish are common. There are a number of regional dialects, which prove to be a challenge to visitors and incomers.

France is famous for its foods like cheese, croissants and baguettes and also its wine from the vineyards, which abound all over the country.

France has the two European mountain ranges, the Pyrenees and the Alps. It also has a coastline in the north with the English Channel the west with the Atlantic and in the south with the Mediterranean. Due to its size France has many differing climatic conditions, which should satisfy everyone.

Moving to France?

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