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Why is Moving to Cyprus becoming increasingly popular? 

Thoughts of moving to Cyprus are typically motivated by one of three contributing factors, the ravishing sunshine, a state divided and of course the state of its fiscal standing as well. However, there are so many other contributors that make Cyprus the ideal country to move to and expats are welcomed in mass numbers. The culture is a traditionally ancient but modern day beautiful one and many of the residents are eager to introduce expats to their style of living. The Greek heritage has a very strong presence in the country and most of this begin as far as 4,000 years back. There are many different cultures blended together in Cyprus that range from their aspiring music to their delectable dishes.

The Quality of Living

For a while, the island was known for its most influential per capita of the European Union. This wasn’t expected of a nation as small as Cyprus. The location of the area had a great deal of influence on its per capita standing with its trade abilities and strategic methods. In present times, the country is experiencing a shrinking GDP and unemployment is on the rise. However, the standard of living in Cyprus is very consistent and still encourages expats to relocate there. The culture is warm and welcoming and full of great possibilities that is flourished by a secure environment.

The Cities

The cities of Cyprus are nice and create a pleasingly warm environment for those who reside there. There are multiple options of life, work and play for all to enjoy. The cities of Cyprus are all unique in their own style and below some of them are listed reflecting largest to smallest.

  • Nicosia
  • Limassol
  • Larnaca
  • Famaqusta
  • Pahpos
  • Kyrenia
  • Protaras
  • Pergamos
  • Morfou
  • Aradippou

Moving to Cyprus?

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