How Do I Choose an International Mover?

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Relocating can be a truly tough learning experience from the start. The first thing to do is find an international moving company that can take most of the worries away

The first thing you need to do

Carefully do some research – after all, it is a very long process, and they’ll be shipping your personal possessions.

If your employer is relocating your for work, most aspects of your move will be taken care of by the company you work for. Though, some companies let their employees do the work relocation on their own. In this case, they just provide some budget ceiling and guidelines

Important Questions you Should Ask

Shipping Costs

Remember that lowest shipping rates may not always be the best shipping rates. Read the fine print, because lower rates could mean a lower level of service, maybe lower responsibility in case something were to go wrong.

Sometimes, companies will quote low with their quotations and not include a real door-to-door service. When this happens, customers can arrive at their destination country to find many additional charges. The best way to avoid this is to ask a few questions:

Also, an international mover with no provision for workers’ compensation insurance may charge you lower prices, but consider the liability yours uninsured worker is hurt while handling your luggage on your premises.

It would, therefore, be better to pay a slightly higher price rather than taking the risk.

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What Determines my Shipping Costs?

The cost of shipping your home is determined by a representative of the moving company who surveys the entire list of goods.

Pricing is then calculated by the weight volume and destination and the level of service you have chosen

Do they have storage? Ask if the company has a good warehouse in case you don’t have immediate arrangements to offload and ship them to your new home, particularly in the event that you reach your destination later than your goods.

Is it company-owned or owned by a third party? Are the premises fully insured and bonded?

In some cases, when relocating to a new country, you may have to warehouse your goods until you have found a new home

Most companies will have or be able to arrange storage at your destination country or until the shipping date

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Can the Quoted Move Price Change?

Normally, a quote is valid for 30 days. Your move date may be at a later time. The company may be unable to provide an exact rate until after the job is complete.

It is important that you understand how much maneuverability there is in the quote so that you will not be surprised.

Some things that may affect the quoted amount: Actual volume vs surveyed volume, price of fuel lowers or rises ocean transport costs), changes to delivery/pickup address.

Are there any additional fees?

Some moving company quotes are broken down into separate cost sections and may have “hidden” fees.

Find out the total of any extra moving fees, you will pay ahead of time, so you can better budget for the whole move.

As mentioned above, make sure to discuss destination terminal handling charges and additional packing fees.

Some companies quote with insurance included, some don’t it may be added after dependent on the value of your goods

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What form of payment do they accept?

This is especially important if you are working with someone overseas. What currency can you pay in and are there bank or credit card charges payable?

Who will be handling your freight?

Will the moving service you contact handle the shipment from drop off until destination?

It maybe that the company works with other companies to handle some of the processes. If this is the case, you may want to know this ahead of time.

How long will the shipping process take?

It may not be possible for the company to give you an exact handling and shipping time frame, but it is nice to have a good idea of how long it will take.

This will all depend on the origin port, the destination country, and the city and the frequency of the shipments to that destination. Discuss this in great detail with your international shipping expert, who will advise you, so you can prepare for the packing at origin and to unpack at the other end.

Is insurance included?

Will you need to purchase additional insurance to make certain you are protected in the case of damage or loss, or is this already included?

If you are shipping anything of value, this is especially important. You should itemize all expensive items and precious belongings and list them on the insurance policy separately.

These are just a few of the questions you may want answers to before you sign a contract for your overseas moving service.

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