Moving to Vietnam

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Why is Moving to Vietnam becoming increasingly popular? 

Those who choose to relocate to Vietnam can look forward to an escapade of adventures and learning. The destination is rich in potential money making ventures and a very high standard of living. The economy in Vietnam is growing at a rapidly increasing rate. Other areas that are thriving include the art industry, delicate cuisines and breathtaking landscapes. Vietnam is covered with blissful beaches from the east and bordered by rolling mountains. The cities of Vietnam are experiencing positive changes and among them is the capital city, Hanoi. This city is overflowing with lavish lakes, lively streets, motorbikes and quality restaurants. The economic barrel of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, (formerly Saigon), and those who relocate here will be greeted by contemporary restaurants, malls and skyscrapers and all adorned in beautiful architectural design.

Vietnamese Style

Healthcare in this country varies greatly with below standard conditions existing in most locations. There is strong advisement for expats to get quality health insurance that allows them to receive treatment at private facility medical centers. The private hospitals typically have the best doctors from all around the world who can offer the best diagnosis and treatment. Expats that are accompanies by children will be proud to learn that there are international schools for learning all over the country and they aim to provide the level of learning that the children are most familiar. They will experience high quality learning with superior instruction.

A Taste of Vietnam

Vietnam is a combination of Chinese, South East Asian and French cultures that all contribute greatly to the palate of taste. Cuisine options vary and are delectable at every bite for all who partake in the succulent flavors of soups, noodles, strong coffees and wontons. The social scene is very vivid with the popular nightlife activities and Western restaurants to enjoy. Some cities in Vietnam are shown below.

  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh City