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Why is Moving to Venezuela becoming increasingly popular? 

One of the most exciting places for an expat to move is Venezuela. Home of the Great Plains, Andes and Amazon basin, there is a great deal of sights and geographic greats to be admired by all who visit or choose to live here. The tropical ridden area welcomes a large group of expats, which many arrive to embark on work opportunities in the oil community. Most of those who have relocated here find themselves in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, or places such as Puerto La Cruz, Valencia and Anaco. The business industry is a bit more relaxed than in European countries.

The primary language of communication in Venezuela is Spanish and it’s recognized as the official language. Another widely spoken language is English and it’s always a great idea to learn or become familiar with the language of the land. This is a great help in communicating with natives of Venezuela. The Standards of Living The metro cities of Venezuela are properly prepared to welcome and accommodate the needs of most expats. There are numerous international schools of learning that presents the rare opportunity of allowing students to maintain the studies of their home country curriculum. Healthcare needs can be met with standard provisions as the healthcare industry is relatively decent.

The city of Caracas has prestigious private healthcare facilities and medical treatment will cost a bit more in the private sector. It is important to practice safety at every level because the country is no stranger to crime. Especially close attention should be given when in crowded areas because one of the most common crimes is pick-pocketing. Avoiding the Colombian border is best as well because the region is a relatively dangerous one. Some of the cities of Venezuela are shown below:

  • Caracas
  • Maracaibo
  • Maracay
  • Valencia
  • Barquisimeto