Moving to Turkey

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Why is Moving to Turkey becoming increasingly popular? 

One of the most exciting adventures that a person can experience is relocating to another country. The only thing more exciting is if the move is to Turkey, which is one of the most popular destinations in all of the world. It’s truly rewarding for most and full of elaborate experiences. Individuals who move here will witness superb union of modern and ancient cultures, which is enhanced by the crossing of Asia and Europe. If plans are to relocate to Turkey, it is best to be sure that all of the necessary documentation is in place. It is very common for foreigners that live in Turkey to do so with visa runs. This is a process that involves exiting and returning to Turkey at the climax of 90 days for a tourist visa extension that is good for three months. Authorities have closed in on this and it’s almost impossible to do now. Therefore, follow the rules and become a legal resident to avoid delays and trouble.

Inside Turkey

There is a population of approximately 75 million people, of which 99 percent of them are Muslim. However, according to the constitution, Turkey is declared as secular republic and guarded by the military as such. There is a general respect for other religious practices and beliefs, which gives residents the freedom to exercise their religious preference. The healthcare system is a bit below what may be familiar to Westerners, but those who utilize the private healthcare centers may be pleased with the standard.

Cost of Living

Foreigners will assess the cost of living as a bit more affordable than other European countries. Residents and expats of Turkey will find that their money will typically go farther and last a bit longer while living in almost any area of Turkey. The most famous city is Istanbul, which is where most expats move to when relocating to Turkey. Some of the cities in Turkey are shown below.

  • Istanbul
  • Izmir
  • Antalya
  • Ankara
  • Aegean