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Nestling on the South Eastern Coast of the Arabian Peninsula the Sultanate of Oman, shares land borders with Saudi
Arabia, the UAE and Yemen as well as a coastline stretching more than 1,000 miles. This spectacular country with a
population of under 5 million contains some of the most beautiful landscape in the Middle East with stunning mountain
ranges running into dessert areas with breathtaking sand dunes skirted by unspoilt beaches and a rich source of
marine wildlife including Hump-back whales.

Muscat – the capital has a population of around 1.5 million with over half of those made up of expatriates. Almost 45%
of the population of the country is 15 or under. Most people moving to Oman will be based in Muscat. Whilst oil and
gas does make up the majority of the Omani economy, the country is more diversified with fishing, shipping and
tourism all growing sectors.

Capital City: Muscat
Population: 4.5 Million
Language(s): Arabic
Currency: Rial (OMR)
GDP per capita: USD 18,000
Drives on the: Right
Time: GMT +4
Internet domain: .om
International dialling code: +968

Living in Oman

One of the main advantages of working in Oman is the tax free salary. Most expats would expect to have their
employer provide housing, perhaps a vehicle, and flights. Depending on the contract you sign there may also be some
financial support in areas such as education, healthcare, utilities etc.
Adventurous expats and visitors can take advantage of the beautifully rugged landscape Oman provides and enjoy a
host of activities including Dhow tours, Fishing trips, Dolphin and Whale watching, kayaking, scuba diving,
mountain/canyon tours, desert safaris, the list is endless.

Omani cuisine is diverse taking its influences from Indian, Persian and African cultures. Omani’s are hospitable and friendly people and meals are often a family/group event. Alcohol is not widely available in Oman, but is not uncommon is hotels around the country.

Oman is more liberal and perhaps progressive than some of its neighbouring Arabic nations and whilst the general
feeling is one of a relaxed tolerance there are still fairly strict codes regarding clothing and displays of affection. So, as
in most parts of the world, it is important to be respectful and considerate.

Document Requirements

In order to import Household Goods and Personal Effects duty free when moving to Oman from Dubai, you will require
the following documents

  • Passport copy
  • Bill of lading / Air Waybill
  • Oman residence visa
  • Detailed Packing list in Arabic or English


Overall thoughts

Moving to Oman can really be viewed as an adventure… it is regarded as a fairly gentle introduction to life as a Middle
East expat, in fact many people choose to move back to Oman, they enjoyed their first experience so much.
Whilst the brutally hot summer months can be unbearable, for over half the year the climate is very pleasant providing
the opportunity to embrace an active outdoor lifestyle. The locals are friendly, with a rich culture and a beautiful
country to explore. Crime statistics are very low and Oman is a wonderful place to move to as a family. Schooling is
available with a wide range of choice with most main school curriculums catered for. However be warned, certain
schools may come with a heavy price tag.

Moving to Oman?

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