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Why is Moving to Norway becoming increasingly popular? 

Thoughts of Norway typically lead to thoughts of trolls, Vikings and fjords and it’s popularly known for the over the top and inspiring scenery. Recently, Norway has seen an increase in the number of expats that relocate to the country due to its overwhelming success in oil production and export. The nation of international shipping is dominant in Norway, where there is a very high standard of living and an incredibly strong work force system. The former economic strength of Norway was based around shipping and fishing prior to oil making its grand appearance and proving to be very productive. The extremely abundant natural resources appears in the form of petroleum production, fisheries and hydroelectric power.

Top Ranked

Current conditions of social welfare systems, economic growth and the egalitarian policies has placed Norway ahead of all others in the UN Development Program’s Human Development Index for consecutive years. It’s also ranked among one to the richest countries in the world, with the capital city, Oslo ranking as one of the most expensive cities around the world. This is food for thought when discussing salary amounts for potential employment opportunities.

What to Expect

Expats relocating to Norway should prepare for a bit of a jolt upon settling in the country. Clothing, food and automobiles will be a bit expensive but this will become more acceptable over a period of time. Consider cost of living when making financial investments or commitments. There is a strong commitment to family in Norway also. Employers usually allow their employees to leave work by 3:30 pm to get their children from school. Norwegians are proud of their heritage and deeply appreciate all their country has to offer. The majority of the population lives in the southern half of the country, while the northern half is barely populated. Major cities in the country are shown below.

  • Stavanger
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim