Moving to Kenya

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Why is Moving to Kenya becoming increasingly popular? 

The initial thoughts of relocating to Kenya lead many to envision wild safaris that habitat foreign wildlife and other exotic sights. However, Kenya is a fully developed origin that offers great opportunities to those choosing to relocate to the beautiful country. It suffered a bit of a reputation infringement around 2008, due to ethnic tensions that spiraled from violence of elections. The stability has since been reestablished and the country is managed by a considerate government and a devised infrastructure. It’s a great seat for the development of new and growth of existing business of eastern Africa. The move to Kenya isn’t as comfortable as it may be to other countries that are more developed. The lack of common conveniences may make the transition more of a hassle than a welcoming experience.

The Work Force

Those expats who work in Kenya are typically in well-paid management positions for multinational companies or NGO volunteers and workers. The jobs are typically favored for locals and can make finding work a bit difficult for expats, even those who possess high levels of skill and expertise have a hard time finding work. In other perspectives of life in Kenya, many expats easily adjust to the conveniences offered by Kenya. Large homes, high salaries and domesticated workers are all attractive options that make this an ideal location for many.

The Inconvenience

Many people fear that Kenya isn’t the place to relocate to because they fear the risk and dangers associated with crime that is more common in the large cities. It’s not an ideal situation to live in fear but for those who choose to step outside the realm of fear, they may find that there is more safety than harm in most of the cities of Kenya. The most popular cities of Kenya are listed below.

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa