Moving to Jordan

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Why is Moving to Jordan becoming increasingly popular? 

Jordan has a rich religious history that has drawn millions from afar to the grounds that are a favorite for tourists from all over. Rich in biblical history and tales of unique occurrences, the land of Jordan leaves more than just a simple desire to visit for many a great place to live. The country is flourished with symbols are links to the historic past that bring the legends to life for all who encounter. Famous for its many renowned sceneries such as Petra, one of the grandest wonders around the world. But other than the religious affiliation, there is a great deal more for those who choose to make Jordan their home and the vibrancy of its heritage, simply fuels the motivation for most who choose to relocate the country.

The Population

Jordan is primarily made up of Arabs that are of Jordanian and Palestinian influence. The minority population consists of the Bedouin who happen to have been the greatest indigenous group prior to the Palestinians who fled the Arab-Israeli war in the late 1940’s. There are a lot of expats that make up the population of Jordan where the official language is recognized as Arabic but there is a great amount of spoken English as well. History and fine cuisine with slow simmered meets and savory sauces are commonly enjoyed among those in the country. Despite the country being Islamic, most restaurants serve alcohol to non-Muslims when requested outside the months observed for Ramadan.

Acquiring Property

It is possible for those who are relocating to purchase property in Jordan with the proper agreement in place between the expats original country and Jordan. Most people choose to purchase in the capital city of Amman and can’t be resold for at least five years following purchase. Other cities to consider for relocation in Jordan are below.

  • Amman
  • Zarqa
  • Irbid
  • Russeifa
  • Wadi as Sir