Where to Live in Spain

After deciding to move to Spain, your family will take on the exciting but difficult task of deciding where in the country to live. To do this, you can pull out a map of the country, search the Internet, read books, and ask friends.

When choosing a particular place to live in Spain, it’s ideal to focus on either Madrid and Barcelona initially. These two cities are where foreign cultures blend in beautifully with the Spanish culture.


Madrid offers a warm atmosphere and artistic heritage packed in a colorful city. Ideally located on the center of Spain, the city also serves as a transportation hub that is easily accessible from many international destinations.

As a capital, Madrid also offers a range of things to do and places to eat and visit. Whether you want to experience culture, fine dining, nightlife, or retail, the city can meet your needs and beyond.


There’s always something alluring about port cities. Barcelona, however, is definitely more than just a city full of seafarers. With landmarks such as the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família and Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, you won’t run out of exquisite attractions to visit.

Barcelona also offers a 24-hour lifestyle, making it a popular destination for weekend breaks with Europeans.

Some of the other places to live in Spain include:

Costa Brava

Situated between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava is a Catalonian province that offers the most spectacular coastal scenery in the country. With a name that translates to “Wild Coast,” this seaside province is a stunning place where anyone can enjoy pine-covered cliffs and secret coves.


If culture and faith are at the top of your list, then Granada is where you want to be. Under the Andalucian sky, it bridges the worlds of Islam and Christianity, and meshes Jewish and Gypsy traditions along the way. With the Sierra Nevada mountain range surrounding the area, you’ll find it hard to ask for anything more.