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Shipping from Dubai to Qatar

Qatar is an ultra-modern country with deep roots in culture and religion. Historically Qatar was a poor pearl diving community. However, oil and particularly natural gas discoveries in the ’80s and ’90s has seen the GDP of the country grow from USD 10 Billion GDP to USD 200 Billion since 2000. As a result, Qatar is considered one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

The country offers a potentially high standard of living for many expatriates. Although the hot summer months between April and September can be uncomfortable, the climate during the rest of the year is very pleasant. It is possible to own land and real estate now as a foreigner and the increasing number of shopping and entertainment establishments are growing. In addition, Qatar is making its mark in sport with golf, tennis, and more recently the hosting of the World Cup scheduled to happen in late 2022, Qatar has a lot to offer.

However,- whether you are shipping from Dubai to Qatar for the first time, migrating to Qatar for good, or returning home as a Qatari citizen. Relocating can be a daunting experience and the upheaval of changing Jobs/Lifestyle/Location can be stressful.

What should I prioritise when moving from the UAE to Qatar?

When should I start obtaining quotes for my relocation to Qatar?

We would strongly suggest you start obtaining quotes for shipping to Qatar at least a couple of months before the target move date.

This should provide time to consider your quotations, formally advise the shipping company you have chosen and very importantly, secure your preferred moving dates.

Also, this allows enough time to finalise your visa/travel/shipping documents and all the other formalities you have to contend with before your move. Qatar is a county with quite a bit of red-tape and so this is likely to take more time than you anticipate.


Customer Reviews

All companies contacted me quickly and the movers I eventually selected did a good job and were reasonably priced.
Mr. B. Andersen
Dubai, UAE to London, England

Very positive experience from the company we selected. Everyone professional, polite and accommodating. Many thanks
Mrs. P. Jones
Al Ain, UAE to Sydney, Australia

Your moving guides and articles were most helpful and the service we eventually received were very good at both ends
Mr. R. Murphy
Dubai, UAE to Christchurch, N.Z.

Very trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much for helping make this the easiest move we have had in over 20 years
Mrs. J. Dolton
Abu Dhabi, UAE to Paris, France

Documentation requirements for shipping to Qatar from Dubai

  • Copy of passport incl. residence permit/visa and entry stamp page.
  • Packing list (in English)
  • Personal authorization letter 
  • Original authorization letter in Arabic
  • Letter of employment (NOC)
  • Original bill of lading/Air waybill (AWB)

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What is the cost of moving to Qatar from Dubai?

The cost of relocating from Dubai to Qatar depends on a few factors. The most important factor is the volume of furniture. Generally speaking, the more furniture you include in your move, the higher the cost. 

Secondly is the Mode of shipping you choose. 

You can choose to move your items in your own shipping container, or if you’re moving only a few items and only a small amount of furniture you could choose a shared container.

This is known as “Groupage” in the moving industry. Of course, sharing a container, or Groupage, is likely more cost-effective than a dedicated container. However, the compromise you make is shipping times can be a little longer.

Approximate shipping cost options to Qatar are as follows:

Full Container (20ft / 40ft) – Starting from AED12,000 AED

Groupage (Shared Container) – Starting from AED 400/CBM

LCL (Less than a container load) – Starting from AED 500/CBM

Air (Quickest, Most Expensive) – Starting from AED 20/KG

This is, as mentioned, a general guide, however, you can click here to obtain competitive, up to date quotes, from reputable movers.

Flags of shipping to Qatar from UAE

How long does it take to ship my goods to Qatar?

When estimating how long shipping from Dubai to Qatar takes, we have to consider the mode the goods would be travelling in. Air is the quickest and Sea is the slowest. 

Approximate transit times

Air Shipment – (3-4 Days)

Sole Container by Sea/Road – (6-10 Days)

Part Container by Sea – (12-18 Days)

Another consideration when estimating time-frame is processing the shipment and customs clearance in Dubai and in Sweden. We would allow up to 1 week at both ends. (Airfreight should take a couple of days at both ends).

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