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Panoramic view of Stockholm - Sweden


The country of Sweden offers great options for expats deciding to relocate there. The country offers a society of fundamental equality and an abundance of job opportunities. At one time, Sweden possessed great military power during the 17th century but hasn’t been involved in a war in more than 200 years. The locals of Sweden make an honest effort to make all expats feel welcome when moving to Sweden and there is plenty for them to enjoy. There are beautifully settled coastlines, elaborate cities and charming archipelagos awaiting the arrival of all who choose to migrate here.

Perfectly Positioned

Sweden is located in Northern Europe, directly at the Baltic Sea and just between Finland and Norway. This positioning causes it to form a connection between the Baltic and North Seas. Expats will indulge in a cool but modest climate that is adorned with vivid summers and chilled winters. Northern climates are subarctic with long summer days and long dark winters. For those who want to bask in normal days and nights, a move to southern Sweden would be ideal. Sweden has a highly urban population with nearly 10 million living in largely urban populated areas. This is strongly reflected in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

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The Make-Up

Sweden is largely recognized for its natural calmness that is displayed among the locals. Most who relocate here are led to believe that the residents are shy but in fact, they are extremely warm and polite. Swedes are extremely private and try not to attract much attention and this is especially true among the younger generation. The youth is a sparsely populated group in Sweden and the overall population isn’t that large either. There should be plenty of options for land when moving to the country with beautiful grounds and a serene nature. Some of the cities in Sweden are shown below.

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Malmo

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