Top tips: Moving from Dubai during the summer heat

If you are considering a move in Dubai during the summer months, you are not alone.  60% of International moving takes place between the months of June – September. In the UAE of course this co-insides with the hottest months of the year and in recent years this adds the holy month of Ramadan and the subsequent Eid holiday into the mix.

Book your International moving company now – This cannot be stressed enough.  The more you procrastinate the more stressful the moving experience will become.  Invite international movers to your home, evaluate the quotations and book your move dates as soon as you can.

Moving companies will increase prices, the fuller their schedule becomes, and you can be certain they will all be very busy this summer. Book well in advance, before the busy seasons starts, that way you can ensure a lower price than you would have if it were in the height of the summer.

In Dubai, particularly operations are not affected considerably during the month of Ramadan.  The port authority and customs clearance personnel help to facilitate and expedite containers and international shipments albeit working reduced hours, but this rarely leads to significant backlogs.

Most International moving company staff, especially packers, tend to be flexible and will work in your home based on a normal working day, particularly if the packers themselves are not Muslim.  Companies will normally accommodate working through the weekends.

So moving during Ramadan does not necessarily present the obstacles most people imagine.  Talk to your International moving company and make sure sufficient contingencies are planned to ensure key dates are met, packing, loading, shipping, arrival etc.

Finally, stock up with water and other liquids.  The packers will be very thankful especially if your move involves loading a shipping container at your residence, where the heat inside the container can be extreme, so re-hydration for the packers is an important issue.