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Why is Moving to Zambia becoming increasingly popular? 

The move to Zambia will need to be made with an open mind and a positive attitude about learning new things. This will definitely make relocating much easier and a lot more exciting at the same time. The country is extremely beautiful and graced with various wildlife and a complete wonder in the sense of nature. Scenes such as the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls will leave any visitor absolutely speechless. The country is densely populated with the majority of its citizens residing in the capital city, Lusaka. There are also a large number of people living in Livingstone, which is the second largest city or in the mineral enhanced area of Copperbelt. Wherever the destination move lands you in the country of Zambia, there is sure to be an experience awaiting you.

The Difference

Those who choose to relocate here must be prepared to experience noticeably different available luxuries and fewer necessities as well. For some, this may present somewhat of a challenge, especially in regards to the poor quality of the buildings, poverty stricken conditions, limitation on goods and poor standards of healthcare. Diseases in the local community are a primary concern but most seem to be well managed within the area. Schools funded by the government aren’t satisfactory at all and private schools are only an option if the expat can afford the fee. Many choose to homeschool their children for better learning advantages.

Small Changes

There are more than half of the population that are in an ongoing struggle with the poverty levels and though the government is working to improve this, it’s still quite a challenge. The major contributor of income is through the sources of tourism and copper mining, with agriculture making a large contribution to the economy as well. Most expats who relocate here are doing so because of job placement through international businesses and organizations. There has also been an increase in Chinese investment in Zambia which has brought more expats to the country. Some of the cities of Zambia are shown below.

  • Lusaka
  • Kitwe
  • Ndola
  • Kabwe
  • Chingola