Moving to Ukraine

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Why is Moving to Ukraine becoming increasingly popular? 

One of the largest European countries there is Ukraine and it’s a rapid and consistently changing country. An independent nation for approximately 23 years, it’s a place where rules are relatively interpreted by individuals and a lack of guidance is easily observed. In spite of what many seem to view as organized chaos, there seems to be a fairly bright future ahead for the country. It’s a global landmine for IT entities and outsourcing and the universities are a magnet for international students. All of these favors still don’t prevent casual conflict of a political and lingual nature. Without careful observation, it’s easy to see the country as a bore and quite dated but a deeper look reveals that there is much more than meets the initial thoughts of this country. It’s challenging but an adventure that most enjoy once they decide to try it.

Cost of living

There are a few variables involving the area of cost of living in Ukraine. Some things cost a bit more than others but everything seems to balance itself out. For instance, alcohol is a bit less expensive than in other countries, especially that which is produced locally. The cell phone industry is typically paid on a prepaid structure with no charge for in-network calls. SIM cards are a street commodity and very cheap. The most popular are the dual SIM cellular devices, which eases the task of switching between various networks. Home internet is standard and very inexpensive as well.

Settling in Ukraine

Finding an apartment in the Ukraine is not the easiest task and will be much easier with the assistance of a realtor. Take caution here because there are real estate agents are different in their service provisions. Some simply put you in contact with a landlord while others will act completely in your favor and minimize your effort in the search. Be attentive to their fee because most require the amount of half the rent as their fee. Below are a few of the Ukraine cities to consider for relocation.

  • Kyiv
  • Kharkiv
  • Dnipropetrovsk
  • Donetsk
  • Odesa