Moving to Tunisia

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Why is Moving to Tunisia becoming increasingly popular? 

Relocating to any area can be an overwhelming task and much more so if not properly prepared to do so. A move to Tunisia should be approached with careful planning and a great deal of research in order to make a relatively smooth transition. Recognized as the tiniest country in North Africa, Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the north and east ends. It is also proudly called home to one of the heaviest traditionally inspired cities, Carthage. Residents of Tunisia are deeply vested in their culture, arts, historical make-up and politics.

Living in Tunisia

There has been a consistent increase in real estate investment for foreigners in Tunisia. This comes shortly after the allowance of them to own real estate in the country. There are villas and apartments in Tunisia that require much less of an investment than homes around Mediterranean areas such as Spain, Morocco, Italy and Greece. The elite group or society typically resides in the suburbs of the north area of Tunis. Located in this area are elaborate and expensive homes that attract the high end business partners and associates. It’s relatively cheaper to live on the exterior of the urban edge of Tunis, where average home prices are much more accommodating for those looking to save or not invest as much initially.

Jobs in Tunisia

Expats expecting to move to Tunisia and find work should prepare for a challenge due to the high volume of students that are trained and quality educated for the available positions. If work is a must, it is best to have something lined up before moving to the country. In order to work in the country of Tunisia, expats must have a passport, residence and work permit. The work permit is typically acquired first, followed by the residence permit, which are both valid for a year. Some of the cities of Tunisia are sown below.

  • Tunis
  • Sfax
  • Sousse
  • Midoun
  • Kairouan