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Why is Moving to Syria becoming increasingly popular? 

Expats relocating to Syria are in for a treat filled with rich history and a strong influence of heritage. Positioned at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, the country is laced with strong signs of honor to its traditional values. During recent years, there has been a strong political battle in play following the strike of the citizens against the president. This has brought immediate concerns of safety and well-being for those living in the country. Many countries advise their native residents against traveling to the country and for those foreigners who are currently there, to exit immediately or as soon as safe to do so. This has caused a dramatic decrease in the expat population.

Before the Rise-Up

Syria was once a very popular choice of relocation for those interested in moving there for purposes such as employment. The petroleum industry and diplomatic channels were driving forces on the job front and created many opportunities to work in the country. During this time, Sweden was prepared to receive massive number of expats and offered a wide range of international schools and proper medical facilities as well. The departure of many of the expats has also caused a demise in the operations of many of the medical and educational sources as well.

About Syria

Most of the population in Syria is Sunni Muslim, is uniquely represented within the Middle East due to its dominating character. Women are directly reflected by this as a result of the social scenes. The official spoken language in Syria is Arabic and though many Syrians are fluent in English or French as a secondary language, most expats choose to take the Arabic course to become more familiar with the preferred language. Plans to relocate to Syria should be carefully considered and weighed against their current security status. Some of the cities of Syria are shown below.

  • Aleppo
  • Damascus
  • Homs
  • Hama
  • Latakia