Moving to Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations and due to its size the climate varies greatly between regions. It has a total population approaching 50 million with around 15% coming from other countries.

The northern area has relatively cool summers and mild winters, the central part has very hot summers and cold winters and the southern part enjoys Mediterranean conditions.


This is the largest city and the countries capital. It has the greatest immigrant population with a relatively low cost of living when compared with other European capitals. Schools for British, American, French and German expats are the best in the country.


Another city; Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is considered a global city with worldwide expatriates. It is an easy option for expats particularly the younger age group where European exchange students abound and thus is generally a bilingual place.

General information

Spain has a rich history with diverse centres for both leisure and cultural activities. In the coastal areas yachting and sea sports are very popular and areas such as Madrid and Seville are centres for opera and folklore activities.

Festivals are very common in most areas throughout the year and by visiting these is an ideal way of appreciating the Spanish culture.

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