Moving to South Africa

The currency is the South African Rand (ZAR), which over the last few years has become stronger against the US dollar.

The cost of living is cheap when compared with other large cities in the world and luxury goods are obtainable at a cost much lower than other parts of the world.

The climate is temperate but varies between regions due to their altitude and if they are near the coast.  In Johannesburg it is very favorable for all of the year with warm summers and mild winters.

Children’s schooling start at the age of 7 at grade 1 and primary level finishes at grade 7 then it continues to high school up to grade 12.  Private education class size is 15 but public schools class sizes number around 30.  Some public schools offer free education and others apply school fees.

Renting property is an easy option and allows for moving to other regions.  All types of property are available to rent with a deposit of one months rent.  All major newspapers have details of available properties.

Healthcare consists of a large public sector and a small but increasing private sector.  Public sector hospitals rarely provide specialist care, which is obtained from the private sector.  Various medical aid schemes are available, which range between basic hospital plans to full medical cover.

Motor vehicles are driven on the left hand side of the road.  It is not possible to use left hand drive vehicles and vehicles for import must, if necessary, be converted before entry to South Africa.

Since the end of Apartheid the knowledge of life in South Africa is much more comprehensive.

Some 80% are classified as black Africans consisting of many ethnic groups.  White Africans are 9% of the overall populations, but these are steadily diminishing.   Mainly due to being opposed to predominantly black rule and also the high crime rate.

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