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Why is Moving to Saudi Arabia becoming increasingly popular? 

Those expats considering relocating to Saudi Arabia will encounter a country that is affluently rich in oil and very conservative by nature. Expect an Islam dominated society that lives and drinks by the laws of the Qur’an, which is the foundation of the constitution. Most who choose to relocate to Saudi Arabia aren’t doing so for the lifestyle, the food or any such luxury appeals. However, hopes of financial prosperity while earning salaries that are tax free are primary motivators that land expats in the country of Russia. In fact, moving to Russia would be best described as a smooth transition to a Western influenced area that helps to realize the ups and downs of life in the former home country.

Life in Saudi Arabia

The social interaction is sure to be one that forms quickly as locals are strongly encouraging when it involves social activity. Weekends are lively and full of excitement if you enjoy getting together with neighbors, desert trails and diving adventures. The people of Russia enjoy forming weekend get-togethers that are better than any before but no artificial quality to offer to the enjoyment. For some foreigners, this can be a bore but an open mind can possibly make it better than it sounds. Compound parties are the thing and what you get is what you bring but locals enjoy it and look forward to sharing these weekend festivities with expats in the area as well.

The Difference

Women may find it a bit more difficult to relocate to Saudi Arabia because their customs place more restrictions on them. Many common freedoms such as those back home don’t have a place in Saudi Arabia culture. Simple acts such as, driving a vehicle aren’t permitted in Saudi Arabia and they also have to dress in a more concealing nature when in the public eye. Most women aren’t permitted to work if in Saudi Arabia on the visa of their husband. Relocating to Saudi Arabia may land you in one of the following cities.

  • Jeddah
  • Eastern Province
  • Riyadh

Moving to Saudi Arabia?

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