Moving to Russia

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Why is Moving to Russia becoming increasingly popular? 

Those with little knowledge of Russia, may not be exactly sure about the relocation options. Thoughts of Russia for many people lead to visions of mystery, danger and intriguing adventure. What plagues the minds of many, is that Russia is the largest country in the world that covers 11 time zones and is fringed with dictatorship and a massive mafia presence. Filled with stories of wars of an international and domestic level. Relocating here helps expats to realize that Russia in its current form has much more to offer to the visual and mental thought process. The oppressive nature of Russia was diminished in 1991 and though tales of its past still plague it, it’s a very strong country that possesses superb power in several areas.

The Journey

Many expats find their way to Russia with plans of assuming senior or management level job placements. The country has some of the best salary wages there are and it’s a wealthy pool for those traveling from afar. Some arrive as language teachers, teaching the English language and many want the exposure to the wealthy locals and their intriguing culture. Whatever the purpose for relocating here, it is a move that requires extreme preparation or could prove to be an overwhelming move. Most of the areas that are heavily populated by expats are privy to a high cost of living factors and many of the services here will carry greater fees than locally obtained services.

The Lifestyle

The adjustment to living in Russia will prove to be challenging in many senses of the world. The living quarters are typically small and uncomfortable apartments. An initial feeling of unease or lack of acceptance is what most expats experience with the locals. This is probably in part due to the thick language barrier that is in place because not many Russians are privy to speaking a second language. A few of the cities of Russia are shown below.

  • Moscow
  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Novosibirsk
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Nizhny Novgorod