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Why is Moving to Qatar becoming increasingly popular? 

Thoughts of relocating to Qatar, home of the FIFA World Cup bid, don’t exactly generate excitement in the hearts of most expats. Few facts are known, but indeed there are many to be considered when relocating to the area. Qatar is a heavyweight in the natural gas division and delivers massive per capita income there as well. In fact, many aren’t aware that in 2013, Qatar recorded the largest per capita income worldwide. Gas and oil are the driving force behind the livelihood of this small factor of a location and it’s just enough to make it a worthwhile place to live.

Positive Points

To begin, Qatar presents a tax-free style of living and allows a standard of living that makes saving money and quality growth somewhat the same as Western European cultures. Expats who relocate here will have a wealth of work options with the fuel industry and other options that offer support to the natural gas industry of Qatar. There is also an effort to increase investment interest in sectors that aren’t energy related such as construction and the IT industry. It’s placement in the bid for the World Cup has caused an increase in Qatar’s effort to enhance infrastructure in the area as well.


Those relocating to Qatar can expect a devout dedication to culture by the locals and a firm involvement in social commitment. The area has made major advancements towards social stimulation and a venture of intellectualism. It aims to improve the economy and support venues such as museums and art inspired events. Qatar also has recently started to show more interest in educational options and growth. Those who are considering the move to Qatar should also consider the factors shown below.

  • Provincialism is still present
  • Chaotic Bureaucracy
  • Less liberal Arab society
  • Large number of Non-English speakers in the service sector