Moving to Portugal

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Why is Moving to Portugal becoming increasingly popular? 

Though Portugal has seen some relatively difficult times, it still offers very insightful options for those considering relocating to the country. It serves as home to two extremely beautiful cities that are vibrant in color and rich in heritage. There is indeed the fame it possesses for its beautifully sunlit days and smooth tasting wine. Portugal is the western part of Portugal, located western of the Atlantic Ocean and just east of Spain. Many tourists and new arrivals are instantly drawn to settle in the Algarve area, located near the Mediterranean Sea.

Inside Portugal

The majority of the population of Portugal is maximized into the northwest and a few people are also stretched along the Atlantic coast as well. Both these areas serve as magnet attractions to expats because tow o the most famous cities of Portugal, Lisbon and Porto can also be found here. City life has a bit to offer for those who choose to relocate to Portugal and growth is possible if the expat is willing to give the county a chance.

Inside the Cities

The number one relocation option for most who move to Portugal is Lisbon, the capital city. Although this is a relatively small municipality, housing fewer than 600,000 inhabitants, it is still a part of a major metropolitan area. The transportation system is fully flexed with buses, trams and an extensive bus line. This provides ample transportation for travel to and from work or leisure play. A move to Lisbon makes a nice choice for those who don’t want to live directly in the hustle and bustle that accompanies metro living. One of the most attractive cities to live in is Porto, famously regarded for its port wine. Attracting factors that draw many to Portugal are shown below.

  • Economic diversity
  • Beautiful Islands
  • Rich Heritage
  • Expansive museums, monuments and parks