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Why is Moving to Poland becoming increasingly popular? 

Poland is a fairly large country located in central Europe and is not often given its fair recognition in regards to what it has to offer. Travelers and those choosing to relocate here will find a land that is uniquely landscaped and full of rich culture. Culture tales of the renowned film school in Lodz which is the birth place to many talented directors such as Krzysztof Kieslowski and Roman Polanski. Famous greats such as, Nicholas Copernicus the astronomer and famed Nobel Prize recipient, Marie Curie are all of Poland. This list goes on and on and is complete with other famous names and categories as well.

What to Expect

Adventure, vivid landscape and leisure sports are a sample of what Poland offers to the Expat who decides to explore life from Poland’s view. Home to some of the highest peaks such as Carpathian Mountain, Poland makes a great location for nature filled hikes, momentous ski events and awesome climbing adventures. Lovers of the wild will find the Bialowieza National Park and Malsurian Lakes to be absolutely breathtaking. Poland doesn’t fail to appease to the cultural side of things with its marvelous architecture that is displayed in the buildings throughout the country. Visitors to the area often flock to the Baltic coast for sand filled beaches and a splash of fun.

The Poland Population

Poland has an estimated population of 38,192,000 that is largely contributed to by Belarusians, Jews, Germans and Ukrainians. The demise of communism and reclaiming of the Soviet Federation caused the bulk of the population to be of Polish descent. The spoken language is Polish and there are affirmative Roman Catholic ties here. Many of the people here are devoutly religious and live by tradition. IN fact, there are several celebrations that crowd the streets on feast days. Some of the cities of Poland are shown below.

  • Warsaw
  • Lodz
  • Krakow
  • Wroclaw
  • Poznan