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Why is Moving to Nigeria becoming increasingly popular? 

Relocating to Nigeria is something few people choose to do on their own. Most expats end up here by way of employment or financial endeavors. Most of the time, it takes a great deal of convincing to encourage the family to move along with them. Much of the hesitancy stems from the tainted reputation the country has in regards to safety. The high occurrence of crime, corruption and organized kidnapping is a media mainstream. Therefore, many people have an awful image embedded in their heads regarding the move to Nigeria.

The Make-Over 

There is an advanced effort by the locals of Nigeria to give the country an extreme makeover. This is predominantly present in the overall existence of what it has to offer. There are a few positives in store for those who are considering the move. The natives are extremely warm and welcoming towards expats. The variation in the cultures make the transition a learning experience from start to finish for most expats. The greatest advantage of the relocation is the cultural experience to be gained and those who are interested in learning about the history of the country will find this a very good move.

Fueling the Industry

The biggest employment opportunities are in the mining and oil industries of Nigeria. There are several expats who find work in the financial banking area, telecommunication and construction fields as well. In terms of home establishment, Abuja, the capital city receives more expats than any other area of the country. It’s also a large commercial industrial of Lagos. Nigeria is extremely isolated and rich in oil which is an advantage that motivates people to move to the country. Consider the following when relocating to the cities below.

  • Abuja has a high cost of living and most who move here are lucratively employed with various financial gains.
  • Lagos is the business empire of West Africa and home to some of the most prestigious financial institutions. Promises of a great future encourage many to relocate here.