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Why is Moving to New Zealand becoming increasingly popular? 

New Zealand is a state divided into two islands and is fairly remote with the nearest neighbour being Australia.

Working holiday visas (up to 2 year validity) are available to those under the age of thirty and there is a need for skilled workers.

North Island

Around 75% (3.3 million) of the population resides in the North Island, which has a warmer climate than the South Island and has beaches and much more opportunity for an outdoor lifestyle. The main residential areas are Auckland and Wellington.

South Island

Although larger than the North Island the population totals 25% (1.1 million) and those who prefer a quieter lifestyle reside here. Due to the nature of its terrain the South Island offers a more mountainous environment with opportunities for climbing and skiing. The main city is Christchurch.


The New Zealand climate varies greatly between the higher and lower latitudes.

There are a number of cities although they are smaller than most cities worldwide. The lifestyle in New Zealand is generally of a rural nature and getting around is simple due to the greater space on the roads.

The most costly place to live is in Auckland on the North Island

For those who opt to settle in New Zealand they will find a high standard of healthcare, education, outdoor opportunities and beautiful landscapes.

Moving to New Zealand?