Moving to Mozambique

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Why is Moving to Mozambique becoming increasingly popular? 

If relocating to Mozambique, expect to encounter the convenience of beauty in several different areas of life. Amazing beaches with radiant sun rays, welcoming locals and an affordable cost of living for most are just a few of the beauties that lie within the beautiful country of Mozambique. The country is linked to Portugal but stands alone as its own country since 1975. The country is known for its high quality of character and a blended atmosphere of African, Asian and European descents. Mozambique shines as an empire leader in the global oil industry following its acquisition of one of the biggest gas fields in the entire world.

Home to Expats

There is an abundance of Portuguese people who made the country their new home and are employed in a broad range of career fields. Mozambique is a major tourist location and in fact, has experienced a rapid growth in the tourism sector. Those expats that decide to relocate here should consider that this is a third-world country and it is undergoing recovery from the effects of war. There are bad infrastructures and an inconsistent supply of water. The roadways are of poor quality and signs of corruption still surface also.

Life in Mozambique

Most who move here, choose to live in the city of Maputo, which happens to be not only the capital city but the largest as well. It possess an inviting charm that is full of historical warmth that many expats find reassuring. International shipping of imported goods make it very easy to obtain needed items and some enjoy the juices of locally grown fruit. Health care makes solid provisions with the private hospitals and health clinics in the area. Some of the cities of Mozambique are shown below.

  • Maputo
  • Matola
  • Beira
  • Nampula
  • Chimoio