Moving to Morocco

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Why is Moving to Morocco becoming increasingly popular? 

Individuals relocating to Morocco will experience a vividly accented land that is enhanced with artistic natural elements of beauty, busy markets and exquisite cuisine. Most who relocate to Morocco, choose the capital city of Rabat as their new home, while others may select Marrakesh, the red city or the famous Casablanca. Morocco has a small expat population but it is growing at a steady pace. Many have concerns about moving to an Islamic nation but Morocco is known to be more liberal than other Middle Eastern destinations. Morocco is located at the bull’s eye of Africa, the Middle East and Europe where cultures are blended and highly observed in day to day living.

The People of Morocco

Moroccans are generally kind people that have a true interest in learning as much as possible about other cultures and their way of life. However, they are typically very private in their home lives and treasure whatever goes on within the privacy of their home life. The official Moroccan language is Arabic and in the business sector, French is a primary spoken language. It’s a great idea to polish your language skills to get ahead in communicating with natives and reading the language as well.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in the country of Morocco is typically lower than other Western Europe and North America countries. The price of property is especially reasonable, which motivates most who relocate here to purchase instead of rent. One of the common luxuries in the country is domestic assistance, which frees up a great deal of time for expats to relax and enjoy more personal time and activities. Adventure and excitement are the core generators of life in Morocco. Some of the cities of Morocco are shown below.

  • Casablanca
  • Rabat
  • Fes
  • Sale
  • Marrakech