Moving to Mexico

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Why is Moving to Mexico becoming increasingly popular? 

Relocating to Mexico has always been a popular thing to do among people from all around. Its popularity by far exceeds any other location during holidays, winter sun and is also a common place for retirees to retreat to as well. The beautiful beaches, amazing attractions, year round great weather and friendly atmosphere is what keeps expats in the beautiful land of Mexico. Prized as having one of the greatest economies in Latin America, Mexico also has an impressive trade agreement that exists between them and the U.S. It is a great place to migrate to when in search of new opportunities or a positive change. One of the most attractive features is the low cost of living that makes living in Mexico a luxury for all.,

The Work Scene

Mexico may not be the ideal option for relocation when in search of employment opportunities. The existing jobs are primarily in engineering and other technical areas but are primarily filled by the natives. There are exceptions for those expats who have expertise in the field and fluency in Spanish proves to be a great benefit as well. There are many opportunities in the hospitality industry for those with some experience. There is also the option for some to begin their own business and it’s a very popular approach that some expats embark upon.

Things to Consider

When relocating to Mexico, it’s best to prepare for housing ahead of time because there is no regulation on the rental market. This allows the landlord to increase rental rates at any time. Most contracts are drawn up in English and Spanish but in lieu of dispute, only the Spanish is valid. Most agricultural land in Mexico is for sale by the community but if considering purchase of this property, always validate the legal status of it. The most popular cities in Mexico are listed below.

  • Puebla
  • Merida
  • Morelia
  • Guanajuato
  • San Cristobal de las Casas