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Why is Moving to Malta becoming increasingly popular? 

Many expats choose to relocate to Malta by way of the UK. The vibrantly influenced Mediterranean lifestyle and the dominant existence of the English language, are both motivators for this decision. In fact, English is known as next in line to the primary Semitic language that is spoken in Malta and almost everyone in the country can speak both languages. There is an estimated 70% or greater of those living in Malta who can speak Italian as well. There was once a huge influx of British pioneers retiring to Malta but the acceptance into the European Union, as well as the Online gaming industry begin to draw a much younger and diverse crowd to the island.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

There is a beautiful climate to be experienced on the island with such large amounts of radiant sunshine throughout the year. In fact, there are more sun rays in Malta than experienced in other European countries. It’s an exceedingly small island, which promotes convenient access to the beach that is close in distance to the island. In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, the UN has deemed Malta as being an extremely safe country regarding natural disasters, as well as low occurrences of crime.

A Small Delight

Although Malta is one of the tiniest countries around the world, its beautiful days, rich culture awareness and historical contributions make it an aspiring place to live and work. Residents from European Union member states have the option to reside and employ in Malta. The country does have an existing concern of mass immigration which forces tougher boundaries on people from affiliate states and third country residents who reside outside of the European Union. Cities in Malta are shown below.

  • Valletta
  • Mdina
  • Silema
  • St. Julian
  • Birgu