Moving to Malaysia

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Why is Moving to Malaysia becoming increasingly popular? 

Individuals considering relocating to Asia will find Malaysia to be an ideal location. International shipping is no stranger in this area as it’s a country with great strength in export resources. There has been a recent expansion of the economy from areas such as, commerce, medical tourism, science and general tourism, which has caused a rise in expat options for employment. Malaysia is made up of dual geographical regions that are divided by the South China Sea and they are Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. There is a great combination of cultures, beliefs and nationalities around the country and expats have the perfect opportunity for an adventurous lifestyle via the jungles and extremely popular island escape.

Around Malaysia

Transportation in Malaysia isn’t expensive, especially with the Peninsula Malaysia. There is an advanced rail network and road system there as well. Air flights are cheap around Asia and taxis are a breeze to acquire and affordable. The less developed areas of Sarawak and the Sabah region may not be the ideal relocation option for an expat, due to its decreased accessibility to convenient resources. Residents of Malaysia can remain easily in touch with surrounding countries through the transportation connections. Low fuel rates, budget flights, inner-city transportation via subway and extended distance trains all provide endless opportunities for expats to travel.

The Cities of Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpar and it’s also the largest city in the country. It’s the golden center for the financial, economic and cultural growth of the country, as well as a major site for international shipping and travel. The capital city is vibrantly designed with gorgeous buildings, shopping centers, popular restaurants and vivid markets. The energy of Malaysia is birthed in KL for all expats to enjoy. Other cities that are located in the beautiful country of Malaysia are below.

  • Kota Bharu
  • Klang
  • Kampung Baru Subang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Subang Jaya