Moving to Lebanon

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Why is Moving to Lebanon becoming increasingly popular? 

Lebanon is richly shaped by its religion and cultural diversity because of the various origins that have migrated to the land over time. The primary location of this gathering of diverse ethnicities is the Middle East, positioned between Syria and Israel. Individuals choosing to relocate here are moving to a very influential commercial zone of the Middle East. The major sectors of Lebanon are tourism and financial accounts and they contribute to more than half of the employment opportunities in the area. International shipping jobs contribute to a small portion of the workforce in Lebanon, as the country’s job industry is also made up of small unit businesses that assemble and pack parts.

The Society

The people of Lebanon are highly education and well-qualified to fill most of the skilled job positions. There isn’t a strong need or attraction for foreign work opportunities within the country. Many of the expats in Lebanon work for NGO or with the diplomatic area. Many foreigners with experience in the fields find employment in engineering, architectural development and construction. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut, where the cost of living is exceedingly high in comparison to surrounding cities. Expats should look forward to higher food and energy prices if relocating to this area. There is also a slight disadvantage kin the area of transportation and a private vehicle may be more beneficial.

Inside Lebanon

Shia Muslims, Christians, Druze and Sunni Muslims make up the majority of the Lebanon population. There is a major emphasis placed on the importance of education and most Lebanese students are in private sectors for education, which are known for offering the International Baccalaureate program. Many of the international schools are based in Beirut. Some of the cities to consider for relocation are below.

  • Beirut
  • Ra’s Bayrut
  • Tripoli
  • Sidon
  • Tyre