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Why is Moving to Kuwait becoming increasingly popular? 

Kuwait is an Islamic country but is heavily and increasingly westernised.

Kuwait city is the lively capital of the country, which has borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  The country is mostly desert with areas of fertile land around the coast.  The climate is extremely hot and temperatures are very high.

Located in the Middle East the population numbers around 3 million with nearly half resident in the capital city.  The country is a Monarchy though was under British rule until 1961.  Kuwait has an elected government and was the first Arab state to have this.  In 2005 females were granted full political rights.  The Prime Minister and Cabinet are selected by the head of state and there are fifty elected members of parliament with elections every four years. Political parties are not allowed.

The economy is driven by the oil industry and this attracts people to the country.  Expats are growing in number in the country and are made very welcome.  Again, they mostly live in the capital city although some do live in outlining areas particularly where work is concerned.

The Western influence has not fundamentally changed the countries conservative attitude as expatriates should respect Arab traditions.  Dressing modestly, and behaving respectfully are required.

Terrorism in Kuwait is a possible threat, often against western countries.  Advice should be sought from the ex-pat home government about situation with guidelines on safety levels.