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Why is Moving to Italy becoming increasingly popular? 

Italy is a boot shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean with a mainly mountainous landscape consisting of two mountain ranges the Alps and the Apennines. South of the Alps is a valley with large lakes and most of central Italy is green hills.

Historically Italy has a cultural and artistic past with the capital Rome formally the centre of the Roman Empire.  It is a strong Roman Catholic country and the capital is the home of the Vatican and the Pope the catholic leader.

The main cities are Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Genoa and Naples all with their own cultural identity.


Rome is the seat of government with many churches and historical buildings and public squares.


Venice is an ancient city built on a lagoon with canals as its main streets.  It is a very popular tourist area.


Florence is the attractive capital of the beautiful hilly region of Tuscany.

Italy has a large expatriate population consisting of diverse nationalities which live mainly in Rome.  Elsewhere there an increasing number of western expatriates have chosen to retire to rural areas for a good lifestyle and relatively low costs where property is good value.

Expats enjoy living in Italy due to the many things to do and places to visit. The locals are welcoming and friendly and the cuisine is excellent.