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Why is Moving to India becoming increasingly popular? 

People relocating to India can expect to experience a culture rich country that is diversified and full of exploratory opportunities. It is ideal that anyone making this transition must be adventurous and opened to learning new things and experiencing a new style of living altogether. There is an attractive cost of living for expats to India and even more for those who engage in the foreign currency activities. Though India has seen a boost in growth since the early 90’s, it’s not presentative of a great wealth equality rate at all. There is a parallel existence of the wealthy and the homeless in India. Greater than 70% of the people in India embrace a rural way of life. Those who retreat to the country will find an abundance of things to see and become involved in along the lines of area customs and regional habits.

Financial Status

The financial capital of the country is Mumbai and it has a growing population of greater than 12 million people. This is also the location of the Bollywood film industry, financial venues, creative architecture and phenomenal infrastructures. Expats seem to become immediately captivated with the elevated boutiques on the streets of Mumbai and the high quality shopping boutiques as well. Aside from Mumbai, the country’s capital is Delhi and the primary IT industrial center is Bangalore which are both great options for expats considering the move to the lovely country of India. There are a few attractions that set the culture of India aside from others. The diversity here is prideful and there is a strong presence of warmth and welcoming spirit for expats in the country. Some of the major cities of India are listed below.

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai

Moving to India?

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