Moving to Hungary

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Why is Moving to Hungary becoming increasingly popular? 

Hungary provides the perfect blend of Western and Eastern European cultures and is not only one of the most hailed tourist destinations but high on the list of relocation considerations for many people. The transitional market produced a healthy presence in the private sector that prompted many to relocate here for a stealth new start in their career starting in the early 1990’s. Hungary is boldly positioned in the bulls-eye of Europe which makes continental exploration an ease for expats. A few Hungarian industries have gone through a rise in foreign investment in areas such as luxury automobile production, renewable energy components and rail and water traffic networks as well.

More than a Political Presence

Hungary has greater than 50% representation on the political engine through Budapest but it has much more to offer than a political perspective. It’s devout culture and commercial industry is very well supported but there is much more to the workforce there as well. Time Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and the International Council of Monuments and Sites all recognize Budapest as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are an abundance of shopping ventures and an invigorating night life for residents of Budapest. Healthy employment market, beautiful landscapes and a life of enjoyment are all a part of the Hungarian experience.

The Make-Up

Hungary is populated with more than 3 million people and with Budapest holding the title of capital. The Danube River divides the city of Budapest into a section of two which at one time was recognized as dual cities. The western bank of Buda is famed for its residential accommodations while the eastern core of Pest houses the commercial industry and other prominent businesses. Hungary is a great destination for expats for reasons listed below.

  • Economic Stability
  • Expanding Government
  • Adaptation of European Union Requirements