Moving to Finland

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Why is Moving to Finland becoming increasingly popular? 

Whatever the reason for the move to Finland may be, the experience will be a rewarding one for sure. Relocating for work or for a pure love of nature are both primary motivators for many who decide to make Finland their new home. Though a direct link with Western Europe, Finland borders Russia and the Arctic which greatly influences its climatic distinction. The move will clearly be an interesting experience that is full of delightful differences. For quite some time, Finland was the baby of Russia and Sweden. Both of them ruled Finland until it gained its independence in 1917. Since that time, Finland has held its own and laid claim to the beauty of its Northern European heritage. There are wondrous opportunities that await those who relocate to Finland.

A Cultural Experience

The newbies to the area of Finland find that there is a great culinary experience and a beautiful side of humor that awaits them. The dishes are lavishly prepared and highly celebrated among those who indulge in them. Prepare the taste buds for something different but surely delicious with every bite. There is great pride taken in each dish that is prepared because it is common traditions that natives of Finland are very sensitive about their food. Finland is prized in its natural presence around the country and this allows for an abundance of recreational activities. Winters are cold but that never brings a halt to the experience of outdoor fun and activities. Each season brings about a celebration that introduces neighbors from afar and build everlasting friendships forever.

The Cities of Finland

Finland is home to several cities. All of which inspire residents and visitors alike to take in the sights and enjoy the beautiful realms of nature. It’s romance and true ambiance for all to enjoy. Some of the major cities of Finland are listed below.

  • Helsinki
  • Espoo
  • Tampere