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Why is Moving to Czech Republic becoming increasingly popular? 

The Czech Republic has a strong cultural and economic foundation that is quite an attraction for those who may want to relocate to the area. There has been many changes in the country and most for the best which makes it very hopeful for its residents at a new perspective on life. There are approximately 10.5 million people that make up the population of Czech Republic and about 64% of them are Czech. There is a very small percentage of Moravian, Slovak and other nationalities as well. Most of the foreigners in the area are made up of Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Russians and Americans to name a few.

Living and Dining in Czech

The strong culture of Czech Republic is greatly influenced by the many famous composers it’s most popular for generating. Leos Janacek, Antonin Dvorak, Erwin Schulhoff and Bedrich Smetana are famous musical greats who reign from Czech. There is extreme popularity in the films that are of Czech- Republic nature and they are famous in other countries as well. One of the most famous entertainment outlets is the traditional puppetry which is often very humorous and shown in the Marionette Theater. Dining is a tasty delight as the areas cuisine is most known for its refined character. It’s extremely hearty and enjoyed by most who try it. The most common treats in the country are meat and beer, which explains why Czech-Republic is known for its high beer consumption.

The Cities of Czech

The cities of Czech-Republic feature some of the greatest scenic views with beautiful buildings that can only be imagined by many. Lanes are very narrow throughout the winding streets and romance seals the air from one city to the next. Prepare to experience the most lavish details of life with the traditional tales that swarm the towns of Czech. Some of the most popular cities for relocation to Czech-Republic are below.

  • Telc
  • Prachatice
  • Litomysl
  • Kutna Hora
  • Milulov
  • Cesky Krumlov