Moving to China

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Why is Moving to China becoming increasingly popular? 

Making a move to China can mean a tremendous change for almost everyone who chooses to relocate. This is the third largest country in the world in terms of land mass and has an extremely large population of a bit more than 1.33 billion people. That number makes up approximately 23% of the total population of the world. It is understandable that with such large numbers of residents in the country, it’s quite natural that there will be overcrowding and busy streets. This is common for day to day life in the country and it seems to be managed well and most of the residents are very comfortable with the hustle and bustle of daily living.

The Relocation

There will be a few things to become accustomed to when relocating to the country of China. Some of the adjustments will be extremely exciting while others may be a bit overwhelming. The transition from what was once known as a simple lifestyle to living extremely close with other people who are extremely grounded and forthcoming regarding their culture may be a bit shocking. The people of China have an extremely different outlook on life but are eager to share their cultures and beliefs with expats. The growing economy and bright futuristic possibilities make this a very popular country for relocation.

The Cities

There are several well-known cities in China and all have a story or two being told of how great they are in respect to familiarity. There isn’t much actual knowledge about the country but is quite resounded as an exotic location to many people. China has greater than 100 cities of more than 1 million people. A few of the most famous cities of China are below.

  • Beijing is the capital city of China and has a modern day presentation
  • Shanghai is the largest city in China and is well respected for its international shipping abilities
  • Hong Kong adds a bit of diversity to the country with its western charm